Wine Pairings for National Macaroon Day

I love National Food holidays. They are a fun way to learn new random facts, and give me an excuse to get creative and whip up something fun and delicious in the kitchen. Usually my kids are doing most of the tasting and enjoying the fruits of my labor. This time, however, I wanted to make this delicious and popular dessert completely adult friendly. What better way to do that than with wine! (and of course a good reason to use some fun wine charms)


I decided to go to my local bakery and grab some macaroons, which if you’ve never had one before are small cakey, meringue-like cookies. Originally they mainly consisted of ground almonds, however you’ll more commonly find them made with coconut. I bought both varieties, as well as a few coconut macaroons drizzled in chocolate.


I grabbed a few wines to taste with my little cookies, and this is what I found paired the best:

Rieslings ~ I love this crisp, yet lightly sweet, white wine with both the almond and coconut macaroons. It’s great because the wine is not overly sweet, and does not drown out the taste of the cookie. They really seemed to compliment each other well.

Pinot Grigio ~ Another tasty choice, although I did prefer this wine with the almond macaroon more than I did the coconut.

Red Zinfandel ~ This one pair really well with the chocolate drizzled coconut macaroons. When having anything with chocolate, I always prefer a red or blush wine, but with a cookie with the delicate sweetness and light texture as the macaroon I didn’t want to pair this with a wine that would be too heavy. Red Zin really made a great pair for this dessert cookie.


And, because our charms work perfectly on stemless wine glasses, I think I picked a suitable set to go with the occasion:


Happy National Macaroon Day!! (5/31/12)
I hope it’s exceptionally sweet!


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