3 Best Destinations to Drink Wine
3 Best Destinations to Drink Wine
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Best Destinations to Drink Wine
Destinations to Drink Wine
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3 Best Destinations to Drink Wine

Wine tasting and wine tours is a great start for the best vacation. Visiting gorgeous vineyards, tasting top-notch wine and eating delectable food are the essentials to a charming wine vacation. Several wineries around the world offer exquisite tasting rooms with beautiful vineyards views, wine tasting with delicious food and cellar and vineyard tours.

Wine is delicious especially paired with great cheese and sumptuous dinner. Just imagine yourself sipping a glass of wine while watching the scenic sunset view below the rolling hills of vineyards. To help you track down the best destinations to drink wine with spectacular scenery, here are 3 destinations to sip wine and enjoy breathtaking views of vineyards.

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Photo by Sven Wilheim

Okanagan Valley is a beautiful and fertile valley midway between Alberta and Vancouver. It is a 180km-long of home to orchards of apricots, peaches and home excellent wineries. The vineyards spread across the terraced hills and the valley is soaking up some of Canada’s sunniest weather. The valley became one of the most popular summertime destinations of Canadians.

The vineyards have more than 60 grape varieties that include Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Riesling and variety of fruit wines. The Okanagan wines are truly exceptional and an excellent place to start wine tasting tour is at Penticton and to more than 100 wineries in the region. The best time to visit Okanagan Valley is when the crowd is lesser, during late spring and early fall.

Bordeaux, France

Photo by Jean di Nella

One of the world’s most respected wine producing regions is Bordeaux in France. They are the producer of the world's most expensive and prestigious wines. They have 18th century mansions as well as Gothic churches for wine tasting. There are also luxuriant vineyards and beautiful chateaus like Graves, Médoc and St-Emilion. They have exquisite tasting rooms and grand estates. They also serve some of the country's finest cuisine. 

Finger Lakes, New York

Photo by Sometimes Home Travel


It’s New York's wine capital and largest producer of wine. Finger Lakes sun-drenched vineyards have more than 100 wineries. Wine tasting rooms and vineyard for tours are open for tourists. Guests can enjoy a taste of wine samples such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Vidal Blank. You can start wine tasting at New York Wine & Culinary Center and ask information about the region. The Cayuga Wine Trail and Seneca Wine Trail are the two of the most popular routes to check in the region. They both showcase the finest wineries of the region. 

The world of wine is vast and their wines are exquisite. Some of the best wine regions are worth exploring, why not plan a vacation as well as wine travel now? Visiting vineyards and wine tasting is an amazing experience. Winding through beautiful vineyards, meeting winemakers personally and sipping wine and eating some finest cuisine is a wonderful experience. That's why we have compiled the best 3 destinations that wine lovers should check out.



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