Fun Ways to Add Personality to Your Wine Glasses
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Fun Ways to Add Personality to Your Wine Glasses

Hosting a party? Want to do something special and have unique wine glasses instead of the usual plain ones? But have a budget to stick to? Well, don’t worry! We have some easy and fun ways to infuse personality and add a personal touch to create a unique, one-of-a-kind wine glass for every guest. The best part is, your budget wouldn’t get blown as well!

1. DIY Personalized Wine Glasses with a Dab of Paint

You can create gorgeous personalized acrylic wine glasses with nothing more than a bottle of acrylic paint and an applicator. You can create individual glasses for all guests that they can then take home with them as party favors or create a whole set of glasses to match a theme. The options are endless as you’ll see in this easy-to-do tutorial!

2. DIY Etched Wine Glasses with Stickers

Etched wine glasses are quite cool but if you were to get a set etched for every party, you’d be spending a bit of money, right? So, the easy and inexpensive way to do this is to get some alphabet stickers, a jar of glass etching paint and go to town with them! Stick the letters for a guest’s name or just their initials, add a couple of coats of glass etching paint, let it stand, wash off and voila, you have a unique, personalized wine glass in literally minutes.  Fitting it All In has a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to do this easily!

Etched glasses with guests’ names or initials can be fun take-home gifts as well.

3. Wine Markers or Charms for a Fun Touch

Finally, one of the easiest and best ways to turn regular wine glasses into unique, personality-filled glasses is to use one of our many magnetic wine charms or glass markers. Not only do they turn a glass into a keepsake, they help guests identify which ones are theirs, match the theme of a party and bring a smile to everyone’s face. Plus, they’re inexpensive, starting at just $15!

From chic and elegant Swarovski crystal markers to delightfully cute beach-themed wine charms for a summer party to sporty glass identifiers, you’ll find all of these and more to turn your wine glasses, stemless ones too, into lovely, one-of-a-kind drinkware!

Ready to add fun and quirkiness to your party? Check out the store to stock up on charms. Oh, you do get free shipping when you shop for $50 or more. Like you needed one more reason to get these cute markers, right?!


Mar 11, 2019
Benjamin Tolmer

Wow!!! That really an informative post on wine glasses. I would like to ask that is color glasses are good for health or bad

Jun 10, 2016
Nuria Smith

An informative writeup!! Like the way you have mentioned about such various Wine glasses. Even I also agree that, When its all about party & celebration,Glasses for particular occasion matters!! Keep sharing such useful tips with us like this.

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