5 Amazing Cocktail Recipe You Should Try
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easy cocktail recipes
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5 Amazing Cocktail Recipe You Should Try

Been wanting to brush up on your bartending skills lately? Then these 6 amazingly simple and tasty cocktail recipes are just what you need. For intimate dinners to even the largest shindigs, these drinks will never be out of place!

Surprise friends and family with these lovely drinks that are not only amazingly delicious but are pretty to look at, too! Step it up a notch by decorating your glassware with Simply Charmed wine glass markers to help keep guests from mixing their drink with someone else’s.

Are you ready to be the best party host in town? Grab your pens and papers ready because we are about to run down some of the best cocktail recipes in the internet just for you!

1. Tangy Moscato Slushie – This moscato slushie recipe uses lemons that give it a refreshing taste. Throw in more ice for a creamier blend! This is perfect for brunch parties with your girlfriends or intimate dinner celebrations with your folks – because it is light and airy, they go perfectly with any sort of meal.

2. Classic Long Island Iced Tea - Who doesn’t love a classic? This old time favorite is just what your party needs to take it to a whole new level. Do not be afraid to customize this drink to your liking adjust the alcohol content.


3. A Sweetly Sour Mix – This homemade drink is perfect for BBQs and cookouts! This sweet and tangy drink is just what your palette needs after a heavy meal. Just don’t mistake it for dessert, though!


4. Mango Tango Vodka Surprise – This sophisticated drink are just what you need when you have some of your co-workers and boss over. Planning to whip these out on your next party? Do not forget to add in our classy and sassy purse wine charms for a signature look!

5. Fancy Shmancy Limoncello - This light and refreshing drink can be a perfect addition to your picnic basket. It is sweet enough for afternoon drinks and refreshing enough to keep you cool under any weather.

There you have it, all the drinks you need to get any party started! Make celebrations more special with these amazingly tasty and refreshing drinks topped off by our handcrafted wine charms – because Simply Charmed celebrates everything that is special to you.


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