5 Amazingly Easy Cocktail Recipes for Your Next Party
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5 Amazingly Easy Cocktail Recipes for Your Next Party

Are you planning on throwing a big bash for friends and family? Or do you simply enjoy having people over for casual drinks every weekend? Whatever type of social calendar you have, you will surely benefit from having these amazingly easy cocktail recipes in your arsenal. Keep guests guessing by serving them something new every weekend or go all out and whip these delicious drinks all at the same time!

Having fun drinks at parties is a clever way to break the ice and get everybody in the mood. Below, we have rounded up some of the easiest and yummiest cocktail recipes you can find! Get your pen and paper ready as we give you your next drink-spirations!

  1. Peach Iced Tea for Grownups - Maybe it is our Midwestern roots that draws us to this incredibly refreshing drink but we simply cannot resist putting this on top of the list! Peaches and sweet tea with a dash of  Stillhouse Peach Tea Moonshine is just what you need to get guests started. This is a light concoction will have guests sipping and mingling in no time. Is this drink too casual for your liking? Grab a goblet and use these elegant wine glass markers to amp up the style.

  1. The Low Maintenance Summer Beer - On days when you do not want to dabble on a plethora of ingredients, this low maintenance spin on the traditional beer is just what you need. This tasty drink may appear simple but they do pack a punch! Do not hesitate in trying out this recipe because they always end up as crowd favorites at our parties. Planning an intimate dinner with your significant other? Pair this amazingly delicious yet simple drink with these romantic wine glassware charms.

  1. An Attractive Blue Hawaiian -  If you want something that will stand out in the crowd, you might want to try this eye candy of a drink. A Blue Hawaiian has just the right amount of sweet and tangy guests will surely love - it will most certainly remind them of sand, beach and sun in no time! Step it up just a bit more by adorning your glasses with these fun wine glass markers featuring bright flip-flops and you will surely feel the Hawaiian breeze.

  1. A Rum That Packs a Punch - Did that Attractive Hawaiian get you dreaming about the beach? Then this drink is certainly for you! This recipe is a fruity spin on an otherwise masculine drink that will surely have everyone sipping - ladies and gents, alike! Make it more special with these His & Hers wine glass charms that will have everyone grabbing for more.

Whether you are planning to whip all these recipes out all at the same time or you want to keep them guessing by turning up with new cocktail recipes every time, these drinks will surely keep your guests asking for more. Paired with our one of a kind handcrafted wine glassware charms, your celebrations are bound to be more special.

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