5 Fun Must Haves for Your Fourth of July Party

5 Fun Must Haves for Your Fourth of July Party

Nothing says Fourth of July than a cookout with dear friends and family. The laid-back and festive feel of this event makes it a unique celebration that can get any budding party host excited. If you want to make your Fourth of July Party stand out from the rest, you should check out this list of 5 fun must-haves for your Fourth of July party!

These unique and quirky party additions will surely add color to your festivities. Whether you are planning to host an intimate party of a grand celebration with everyone in your neighborhood, these party paraphernalia will certainly take your party to a whole new level. Be the party host of the year and get inspiration from our list below!

1.Striped Paper Food Trays 

patriotic paper plates

These food trays give off a vintage vibe and look more polished compared to the traditional round paper plates. These are great to have around if you are planning on serving chips, burgers and fries! They are a whole lot easier to carry around, too! This allows your guests to mingle around without having to leave their food behind!

2. Patriotic Tootsie Pops 

Tootsie Pops for 4th of July

No time to make desserts? No problem! Get bags of patriotic sweets and place them in bowls where guests can easily reach for them after a sumptuous meal. These classic treats double up as decor while giving everyone a ride down memory lane - who doesn’t love a classic, right? There are a lot more treats that are dressed (or wrapped) for the occasion so make sure to scour around for inexpensive treats for your party!

3. Fourth of July Magic Charms

Simply Charmed 4th of July Wine Glass Markers

Make your parties extra special with these unique and quirky glass charms from Simply Charmed. These wine charms are not just pretty to look at, they also help you identify which glass is yours - no more drink mix-ups, for sure! These glass charms may appear tiny but they pack a punch. They are equipped with extra strong magnets that stick through any type of glassware - from the thickest beer mugs to the most delicate wine flutes. Grab them now before they run out! 

4. Party Hats and Fun Party Favors

When at a party, everyone is bound to snap a photo or two, right? Make it extra festive with these fun hats and other party favors! You can even set up a photo section where guests can take photos with all these nifty props! Make the amazing firework display your background and make fleeting memories more memorable.

5. Patriotic Paper Lanterns

Patriotic Paper Lanterns


These party lanterns look very festive in the afternoon and can instantly transform any space into a more romantic nook when lit up at night. The best part of it all, they are lightweight and easy to install. No need to worry about bolting them to the ceiling! Let your creativity run wild and arrange them in any way you like. These lanterns will surely take your party up a notch.

Of course, do not forget to scour your mom’s recipe cards for entrees and sumptuous meals! You can even ask guests to bring their favorite homemade BBQ sauce and have a little contest to see who has the best tasting recipe!

Make sure to have fun and snap as much photos as you can! Because moments where friends and family are all rounded up are worth remembering, always.


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