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All Things Easter
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Wine Pairings

All Things Easter

When bunnies and chocolates are out, Easter is coming! Easter is all about chocolate...and wine of course! Colorful Easter eggs are also a part of the celebration around the world, especially for children.

Easter is celebrated according to different people's religious beliefs. For Christians, Easter Sunday is a day of resurrection of Christ from death and should be celebrated. But whatever religion you're in, we have compiled all things Easter and some essentials for Easter celebration that surely both adult and children will love.

Easter Bunny & Colored Eggs

Easter Bunny & Colored Eggs

The Easter bunny was called "Easter Hare" a long time ago and it doesn't always have to be white or pink. Some people say that it's not actually a rabbit, but a large and handsome bird owned by a Pagan Goddess, named Eostre. She's a goddess of fertility, dawn and new beginnings. The goddess turned the bird into a rabbit and that explains why the Easter bunny today has a nest full of colored eggs.

Easter Chocolates & Wine Pairings

Easter Chocolates & Wine Pairings

Kids enjoy Easter because of the colored Easter Egg Hunts so as adults too! There's no better way of spending Easter Sunday with a glass of good wine paired with chocolate.

First of all, you have to at least know how what pairs the right wine with the right chocolate. Check out these simple tips on how to taste wine and chocolate.

  1. Open the bottle of wine first and unwrap the chocolate.
  2. Smell the chocolate first, then break a little piece, savor the flavor and let it melt in your mouth.
  3. Pour a glass of wine and taste it.
  4. Repeat the process, but don't wait until the chocolate melts in your mouth, sip some wine and savor tastes of wine and chocolate in your mouth.
  5. How does it taste? It's up to you if you enjoy the tastes of them together.

Similar to red wine, most people preferred chocolate should be stored to 15-18° C. A too cold or frozen chocolate loses its aroma.

It's up to you if you go for wine and chocolates with the same aromas like blueberry or mint or the contrasting pair.

However, for the safer side, you may just choose sweeter and with a higher level of alcohol wines such as Muscat, Ruby Port or sweet Sherry.

Remember, wine and chocolate pairing is not that easy. Different types of chocolates suit different types of wines. Just keep on tasting; you'll enjoy it if you have company. Two tasters are better than one.

Easter Magnetic Wine Charms

Easter Magnetic Wine Charms

Chocolate and wine goes together so as wine glass and wine glass charms. Surely wine will overflow on Easter parties and Easter Wine charms are the best way to keep track of your guests’ wine glasses.

Check out these cute Bunnies and Tulips Wine Charms - Perfect for Easter. These adorable charms is an amazing addition to your Easter party, adorning your glasses of champagne, cocktails, mimosas and even children's glasses.

Bunnies and Tulips Wine Charms

This is the best way to celebrate Easter with your loved ones. Whether you'll have a small or big family affair this Easter, hosting a fun and memorable Easter party is easy. These Easter parties essentials will surely help make your Easter Sunday a family event to remember.

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