Benefits of Magnetic Wine Glass Charms
Benefits of Magnetic Wine Glass Charms
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best wine charms
Cheers silicone wine charms
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Magnetic Wine Charms
Magnetic Wine Glass Charms
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Wine Glass Charms
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Benefits of Magnetic Wine Glass Charms

Magnetic wine charms are any type of plastic, metal or silicone materials designed to help differentiate wine glasses. These wine charms have different designs and themes and are made of different materials. And they are perfect for different occasions like wine tasting, themed parties or even a simple dinner.  

Magnetic Wine Glass Charms vs Regular Wine charms

Hoop Wine Charms

These are the early wine charms and they are made of metal with wire hoops that you can simply slip around the wine glass stem. These wine charms only work for stemmed glasses. The charms are attached to metal rings with a small opening.

These wine charms are annoying because the charm dangles on the base and often distracts wine-drinking experience.  

Magnetic Wine Glass Charms

When you say that wine charms for stem glasses jingle and clank, Simply charmed has solved that problem with both their Cheers silicone wine charms and magnetic wine glass charms. With many cute themed wine charms for all occasions. Made with two strong magnets to attach on your glasses to help make the charms sit securely in place while enjoying your drink. They don't slide around or fall off the glass even when wet. You'll be surprised how strong these magnets are!

These wine charms are suitable for any type of glasses. You can easily attach these charms to your glass by simply placing the charm outside the glass and the magnet behind it in the inside of the glass. They are super easy to put on and they don't clank or dangle when you lift your glass. 

They are easy to store, easy to wash and reusable. These magnetic wine glass charms come in a classy box with a clear lid too so that you can store them in it after using them.

They attach super securely for safety reasons, so although they may be a little difficult to separate at times, the slight inconvenience is worth the added safety.  The benefit is that they work on all your glasses, including stem and stemless wine glasses, martini glasses, acrylic glasses, and even beer mugs and solo cups! 

Wouldn't it be fun to mark your wine glasses with the best magnetic wine glass charms? There are lots of themes to choose from. A birthday party, different holidays, bridal shower or girls night out? Simply charmed has got you covered!

For your next party, charm your guests with our fun and elegant wine charms! 



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