Best Fall Decorating Tips on a Budget

Best Fall Decorating Tips on a Budget

Decorating for holidays especially Fall or Thanksgiving is always fun and exciting...and it should be easy and affordable. The fall season already provides plenty of inexpensive/free materials for fall decorating. Charming fall decorations are the ones provided by nature instead of those fake or plastic items sold in the market. You can easily make some autumn decorations out of “all things natural” to create a beautiful fall ambiance in your home.

Here are some of the best fall decorating tips on a budget.

Fall decorating

Decorating with Pumpkins

Fall can be represented best by a pumpkin!  All kinds of pumpkins are great fall decorations whether it's white, orange, big, small, fat, or tall. A pumpkin can be used as a flower vase, just clean out the guts and seeds. You can even use a whole pumpkin as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner and decorate it with autumn leaves or fiery lights. And of course, pumpkins are great Halloween decorations!

Autumn Fallen Leaves

Autumn brightly colored fallen leaves are a great addition to your fall decorations. Just pick some beautiful fallen leaves, clean them out, apply some moisturizer on both sides of the leaf, and let it dry. Once the leaves are dry, you can make a DIY fall decor out of them. The moisturizer helps preserve the color of the leaves.   

Fall Wildflowers

For a more organic atmosphere, you can gather a variety of wildflowers, stems, twigs, and fillers and arrange them in a vase or a pumpkin vase to look more natural.


Pinecones are great holiday decor (Fall and Christmas season). They pair well with pumpkins, acorns, gourds, and all-natural elements from fall. You can apply some wood varnish on them or just leave clean them out and display them.

Indian Corn

Indian corn is full of natural colors and they are a great addition to fall decorating. You can make a wonderful fall wreath for your front door.

Fall Bouquet

Make a simple nature-inspired bouquet out of feathers, nuts, seeds, and wheat. Just fill a glass vase with nuts and seeds with enough room to fill in the feathers and wheat. You can even add some wildflowers and twigs for some accent.

Hallow Out Hard-Shell Gourds

Hard-shell gourds can be turned into natural vases that you can display on mantels. Just cut the top of the gourd and clean out the guts and seeds, and fill it with exotic flowers. You can even paint or decorate your gourd-vase for an expected twist.

Fall Foliage

Gather fall foliage to create a natural colorful centerpiece. Look for some small branches with colorful leaves that are not brittle and dry to last long. Arrange the branches in a rustic vase or pumpkin vase. You can add some pinecones, small squash or gourds to add some accent on your dining table.

Fall Fruits

Set your table with nature's bounty by adding some fall fruits like apples and pears, and add some autumn leaves and nuts in a shallow wooden bowl or basket. You can also add some greens and candles to add some color.


Gather some unshelled nuts, hot glue them, and create a nut wreath for your front door. Be creative, you can create a round wreath or try a different shape.

best fall decorating tips

To add a more fall sense in your home this season, this adorable set of Wine Glass Charms for Thanksgiving, Fall or Autumn is perfect for your wine glasses! Cute turkeys, acorn, pumpkin, and sunflower wine charms will surely bring delight to your Thanksgiving dinner table.

Wine Glass Charms for Thanksgiving

Bring nature inside your home by making nature-inspired decorating ideas. Just create a little spark to whatever natural elements you have to bring enjoyment to your family this fall season. You can also bring a natural flair to your home by just adding some lush plants in the living room and add some floral-print pillows on the couch.

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