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Wines to Pair with the Thanksgiving Feast

Best Wines to Pair with the Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving dinners are always festive, delicious, and notoriously sinful! LOL That’s why wine is necessary, the acidity of the wine helps cut the richness of the Thanksgiving dishes. Thanksgiving meals include various flavors and choosing the appropriate wine can be tricky. 

Rather than looking for wines that can match specific dishes, go for bottles that pair with a variety of food or that can be paired with the entire Thanksgiving dinner. Here are some best wine ideas to pair with your Thanksgiving dinner.

Ideal Sparkling Wines for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving magnetic wine charms

Sparkling wine is commonly paired with Thanksgiving dinners, it complements all the dishes. Sparkling wine’s bubbly fizz cuts through the richness of the traditional Thanksgiving sides.

Sparkling wine is the best choice to blanket your entire Thanksgiving feast.  Sparkling wine’s crisp and sweetness pair well with Thanksgiving favorites apple pie, pecan, and pumpkin.

Best Sparkling Thanksgiving wines:

Cava: crisp and lemony

Prosecco: creamy and floral

Champagne: Can vary from dry to sweet

Ideal Rosé Wines for Thanksgiving

Fall Wine Glass Charms

Rosé Wines are crisp, fruity, and light. These lovely pink wines pair well with the richness of the Thanksgiving dishes such as potatoes, pumpkin pie, turkey, gravy, and stuffing.

Best Rosé Thanksgiving wines:

Brut Sparkling Rosé: light and fruity

Provencal Rosé: crisp and refreshing

Rosé of Pinot Noir: fruity and light

Ideal Red Wines for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving wine charms

The ideal red wines that pair well with Thanksgiving dinner are mild varieties, they don’t overshadow the flavors of the dishes. Sweet or spicy red wines are the ideal holiday drinks and complement the richness of Thanksgiving dishes flavors. The bright red wines intensify the flavors of the potatoes, turkey, and stuffing.

Best red Thanksgiving wines:

Pinot Noir: fruity and smooth

Syrah: oaky and tart

Zinfandel: jammy and spicy

Ideal White Wines for Thanksgiving

Wine Glass Charms for Thanksgiving, Fall or Autumn

The ideal white wines that pair well with Thanksgiving dinner have a well-balanced acidity that cuts through the richness of the flavors of Thanksgiving dishes.

Best white Thanksgiving wines:

Gewurztraminer: warm and spicy

Riesling: fruity and spicy

Sauvignon Blanc: Light and crisp

Wine Glass Charms for Thanksgiving, Fall or Autumn

While the turkey might make your guests a little drowsy, these Wine Glass Charms for Thanksgiving, Fall, or Autumn will surely keep everyone in a festive mood. These wine glass identifiers are crowd-pleasers and you can let each of your guests choose their own charm and use it all day long, from the morning mimosa to the champagne toast and wine with dinner. Glass identifiers are more important than ever these days and adding a little personality to your glass gives everyone something extra to smile about.

Hopefully these wine pairing ideas will help you find the perfect wine for Thanksgiving Day.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

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