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Christmas Charcuterie Board
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Christmas Charcuterie Board

This Christmas Charcuterie Board is the best way to please your guests this holiday season! This Christmas charcuterie platter is packed with festive and delightful holiday favorites. It's easy to make your own platter and you can fill it with whatever you're craving for like any cheese, fruits, meats, nuts, Christmas treats and more.

How to Make a Christmas Charcuterie Board

Christmas Charcuterie Board

Here's a simple guide on how to make your own Christmas Charcuterie Platter this Christmas:

Find a Board

Choose the size of the board based on the number of guests you're serving. A smaller one is good for two, while for a big party, you will need a larger board. Select a flat, large, wooden cutting board or you can even use a large platter, or a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.  

Plan a Design

You can plan out your design, since it's a Christmas platter, you can make a Christmas tree or wreath design. 

Select your Ingredients

Any snacking charcuterie board or platter should be well balanced with both sweet and savory appetizers. You must make sure to include these few categories on your board - cheese, crackers, cured meats, mixed fruits, nuts, savory items, sauces and dips, and sweets. You can include 2-3 types of each category so that your guests have plenty of options to choose from. This will also make your board visually appealing. 

Arrange the Ingredients/Items

  • Place the Cheeses. Make sure to put the different types of each one on each end or corners.
  • Add the fruits. Just like the cheese, make sure to put each type in every corner.
  • Add the Crackers. Make sure to add on every corner of the board.
  • Add the Sweets. Make sure to distribute sweets like candies and chocolates in every corner accordingly. 
  • Add the Nuts and Crackers. Still make sure to add them evenly no matter how many types you have in every corner.
  • Add the Meat Last. The meats are the last ones so that you can arrange them however you like. You can simply fold each in half and insert them in between each ingredient. You can also make each slice into rosettes or arrange them fluffily. 
  • Add Sauces and Dips. You can pace them at the center of the board. Make sure you have all the sauces and dips you need for each category. 
  • Final Touch. Check all your ingredients, make sure everything looks good and delicious. Serve your Christmas Charcuterie Board with your favorite bottle of wine.

Christmas Magnetic Wine Charms by Simply Charmed

Don't stress out! A great charcuterie board is packed with delicious appetizers that everyone loves. There are really no rules. Just make sure to keep the Christmas colors, red, green, and white. Just remember that the appetizers will be eaten soon and that you need a good wine! You also need these Christmas Magnetic Wine Charms or wine glass markers. These are the best wine charms for holiday entertaining and gifting. Your guests will love having these on their regular or stemless wine glasses, and the wine charms will keep their glasses more fun.

Give an extra holiday cheer on your Christmas table this year with the Christmas Charcuterie Board. This is the perfect centerpiece this holiday and everyone will surely swoon over it! 

Merry Christmas!

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