Christmas Party Themes for a Fun Holiday Party
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Christmas Party
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Christmas Party Themes
Christmas Party Themes for a Fun Holiday Party
Christmas Party Themes for a Holiday Party
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easy-to-pull-off Christmas party theme ideas
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Christmas Party Themes for a Fun Holiday Party

It's almost Christmas time — the perfect time of the year for holiday cheer! Soon, the holiday season will be in full swing. You'll be busy decorating your house, putting up your Christmas tree, shopping and wrapping gifts and planning a fun Christmas party for your family and friends. Take a deep breath, we've got you covered! 

We've rounded up a lot of fun and easy-to-pull-off Christmas party theme ideas that everyone will surely love and remember. 

Christmas Party Themes

Costume Party - Characters of Christmas

A costume party isn't just for a birthday party or Halloween. There are several Christmas characters to choose from such as Santa Clause, Santa's elves, Snowman, Reindeer, Scrooge or perhaps the Grinch! Your kids will surely love this costume theme!

For a merrier Christmas party, these Forest Animal Winter Wine Charms all dressed for winter and darn cute and beautiful on your champagne flutes or wine glasses all winter long. 

Christmas Exchange Gifts

Exchanging gifts is a great way to spread holiday cheer. Ask each guest ahead to bring a simple gift. Surely everyone will go home happy with amazing gifts to cherish and enjoy!

There are different types of gift exchanges with rules you can choose from like White Elephant Gift Swap, Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa, Secret Santa/Kris Kringle, Pollyanna Swap and Cobweb Party. You can check out the rules here, Gift Exchanges. 

Christmas Pajama Party

Everyone loves a cozy and warm theme this winter season with a warm and boozy drink on hand. Pajama party anyone?

You can enjoy the night watching some Christmas flicks with your “Onesie” crew.

Christmas-Themed Brunch

For a change, invite your BFFs over for a Christmas-themed brunch! You can set out platters and whip up some eggs, bacon, warm bread rolls, pancakes with fresh fruits. Serve some mulled wine or mimosas.

Cocktail or Wine & Cheese Party

After a simple Christmas dinner, turn your party into a cocktail/ wine and cheese party. Mix up some festive seasonal drinks like Cranberry Mimosa or English Christmas Punch or let your guests bring their favorite wine, prepare a cheese and fruit platter and enjoy. For more Christmas drinks, check out Classic Christmas Drinks for the Holidays.

For a more enjoyable night, these Holiday Wine Charms are perfect add-ons to your glasses this season. These Christmas themed wine charms are a must for any cocktail or dinner party for the holiday season.

Christmas season is the time of year to enjoy and not to get stressed out! It's the season to spend time with the people you love and be merry. That's the reason why we've gathered the best Christmas themes ideas for you! These party themes will surely take your holiday party to the next level. Get the spark on and enjoy! 

Happy Holidays! Cheers!


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