Easy and Stylish DIY Centerpieces for Your Thanksgiving Table
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DIY Centerpieces for Your Thanksgiving Table
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Easy and Stylish DIY Centerpieces for Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is the best holiday meal of the year and it calls for a well-decorated dinner table. The food and drinks might be your number one priority this Thanksgiving, but you also have to add on your to-do list on how you're going to dress your dinner table. You can easily find seasonal centerpieces during this time of year at affordable prices. If you want to have a simple yet elegant centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table, check out this DIY centerpieces list we have compiled.

Simple and Chic Thanksgiving Centerpiece 

Here's a simple yet elegant and totally inviting Thanksgiving table from Emily Henderson. For the centerpiece, all you need are flowers, candles, candelabras, and recycled glass bottles. That's how simple and easy it is, but totally chic!

Gourd and Pinecone Thanksgiving Centerpiece 

Nothing beats a natural beauty centerpiece - gourds, pinecones, and mossy greens. A standard floral bouquet centerpiece is a beauty, but this gourd and pinecone bouquet is more refreshing. This Thanksgiving centerpiece from A Piece of Rainbow is easy to make.

Apple Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This Thanksgiving centerpiece from Julie Blanner is a food-inspired and you will only need 4 things and will only take 5 minutes to make! You'll need apples, cheesecloth, pillar candles, and a bunch of seeded eucalypti.

Green and Copper Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Take your Thanksgiving table setting to another level with this beautiful pumpkin-inspired Thanksgiving centerpiece from Blesser House. This centerpiece is a combination of green and white pumpkin with a touch of copper votive candle holders.

Faux Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece

This pumpkin Thanksgiving table centerpiece from A Pumpkin and a Princess is rustic and elegant. This faux white pumpkin is filled with stems with burlap-like leaves and with a small pinecone in the center. 

Mason Jar Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This Thanksgiving centerpiece is a festive DIY with a neutral palette is from I Don't Know How She Does It. This Thanksgiving centerpiece is a festive DIY with a neutral palette. All you need are mason jars, decorate them with dry maple leaves and fill them with painted pinecones, mini pumpkins, and wheat.

Wow your guests with these elegant and Instagram-worthy, but easy DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces. These easy-to-follow Thanksgiving centerpieces are even more fun if you add these cute Thanksgiving Wine Charms. These best wine charms will surely delight your party guests and will make lovely hostess gifts too!

Happy “gabble gobble” feast this Thanksgiving!


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