Easy Summer Recipes you should Try!
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Easy Summer Recipes you should Try!

Nothing beats sharing good food with friends and family during the weekend! Now that summer is here, you can count on these super easy recipes to make weekends a whole lot more fun. We know nobody wants to spend extra hours slaving away before a stove, which is why we made sure to give you recipes that can be done in a snap! If you want to know how you can prepare a sumptuous meal for those you love without breaking your back, keep on reading! Fire up your grill and give these winning recipes a shot.

A Summer (Beer) to Remember

When the temperature is rising, having a beer in hand is always the best way to go. This refreshing spin on an all-time favorite is sure to get everyone excited for the feast ahead! Make batches of this refreshing beverage and watch the good times flow. This concoction is comprised of pink lemonade, beer and vodka – a winning combination of everything we love! Take it to a whole new level with these summer-inspired wine glass markers and be transported to a tropical paradise without having to leave your home.

Light & Airy Summer Pasta Salad

A summer feast is all about refreshing drinks as well as light and airy meals. This summer pasta salad is all that plus more! Although very simplistic in its form, they do pack a punch in the flavor department! Guests are guaranteed to reach out for these throughout the day/night!

Grilled & Spiked Shrimp Kebabs

Now to bring out the big guns – shrimp kebabs! Choosing the seafood route is a safe choice to make when preparing a summer feast as they are light yet satisfying. Best part of it all, they are fuss-free to make. Marinated in tequila, these shrimp kebabs boast of a light yet tangy taste that hits all the right spots.

Fruit Salsa Delight

Did you actually think we will skimp out on dessert? This fun and succulent dessert is the perfect way to cap off a wonderful feast without the heavy feeling. You can even customize the medley of fruits to your liking, how fun is that?


There you have it, some easy recipes to try out this weekend! With these easy-to-prepare recipes, you’ll get to spend more time with friends and family – and isn’t that what weekends are all about?

Take Simply Charmed wine glass markers to your next celebration and elevate the way you celebrate! What is your favorite summertime recipe? Share them with us in the comment section below.


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