Easy Tips on How to Decorate your Easter Table
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Easy Tips on How to Decorate your Easter Table

Easter is just a few weeks away and if you’re planning to host an Easter brunch or dinner, you should start planning on how to decorate your venue as well as your dining table before planning your menu. An Easter table set doesn’t need to be complicated and you can combine new and previously used décor to create a delightful look. Here are some easy, but fun and creative ideas to make your Easter table look fabulous and festive!


Easter Table Setting Ideas

  1. Simple, but Elegant
If you’re busy and don’t have time planning ahead, this table setting look simple, but elegant, and it will not take so much of your time to put together. You don’t need to buy a new set of table napkins and table cloth, you can simply use pastel colors or whatever is available at home. A white-on-white motif is also a clean and fresh look. All you need is to add a tulip or a rose or whatever flower is available, loosely wrapped in a ribbon with a cloth or paper napkin.
2. Fun and Creative


Make a fun and creative look with an Easter table that kids will surely love. You can use a colorful and large egg-shaped plate, decorate it with an exciting pastel patterned table napkin and top it off with bright orange carrots, an Easter bunny or colorful eggs for a fun and cheerful look.

3. Easter and Spring Look

Create this festive look by layering colorful placemats and plates with different designs and top it off with a lovely garden nest as a centerpiece for each setting. Then complete each setting with a pastel color napkin.

4. Soft and Classy

Welcome your guests with an Easter table with a painted Easter egg set on each place setting. Then complete the soft look with fresh white or any colored-blossoms on a light-colored napkin.

5. Comforting and Timeless

A combination of white plates and crystal glasses on a light-colored linen tablecloth is simple and classy and it could be used for any occasion. To add an Easter touch to the setting, just add a painted egg wrapped in natural straw to add a touch of spring to your table.

Finally, add some fun Bunnies and Tulips magnetic wine glass charms to identify everyone’s glasses, whether you are serving lemonade, water or wine. These adorable little creatures make a great Easter hostess gift and can be used all spring and summer. New to magnetic wine charms? Check out our curated collection here.

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