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European Wine Tasting Tour Essentials

Going on a European wine tasting tour is an important trip for any oenophile. It is a great way to bring two yearning passions together – that of fine wine and traveling. If you are a wine loving traveller who is about to embark on a European wine tasting tour, be sure to read our blog because we have created a list of essential things no oenophile should be without during such a momentous trip. These wine tasting tour must-haves are all you need to make sure your trip runs as smooth as possible – just like the vintage Merlot you’ll be sipping.

Wine tasting in Europe is an experience worth sharing with friends.
  • Wine Journal from World Market
  • No wine lover should go on a wine tasting tour without a wine journal. It has dedicated sections where you can write down your thoughts and impression on new discoveries and even has pages for your growing collection of wine labels.

    Remove wine bottle labels with ease with this nifty label lifter.
    1.  Wine Label Lifter from Oenophilia

    You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to know how sticky and annoying wine labels can be. This packet comes with 20 sheets of wine label lifters so that means you won’t run out during your trip! These go great together with your brand new wine journal.

    Found a bottle you love? Take it home with you with this amazing wine bottle protector.
    1. Wine Protector from Wine Skin

    No wine tasting tour would be complete without you taking home a bottle. This wine protector is luggage safe so you don’t have to worry about breaking a bottle of expensive European wine while in transit. We suggest you bring a few of these with you because you’ll never know how many bottles you’ll be taking home.

    1. Wine charms from Simply Charmed

    If you are lucky enough to be part of a group, be sure to leave them a little trinket that they can take home with them. These Swarovski wine glass charms from Simply Charmed are elegant and dainty reminders of the time spent with newfound friends. They can use it to adorn their glasses as they serve friends and family with their latest wine discovery. Use code GIFTED15 to take 15% off your purchase of Simply Charmed's wine charms on Amazon or

    Keep your cash and phone safe while you enjoy the afternoon with a reliable money belt.
    1. Hidden money belt from TravelGenixx

    Invest in a discreet travel money belt while your mind is on tasting new wines. In it you can keep essentials like your credit cards, hotel room keys, passports and even your phone. TravelGenixx has two great designs: one in nude and one in black.  Both have RFID-blocking capability and have different features. They are also designed with breathable fabric that won't cause any discomfort. Take $5 off your purchase from TravelGenixx with code WINETOUR.

    Spilled some wine on your shirt? No problem, this handy stain remover has got your covered.
    1. Tide Stain Remover Pen

    Got a wine stain on your shirt in the middle of the tour? Fret not because this wine stain remover pen from Tide is all you’ll need. A few swipes and rubs are all it takes to get rid of nasty wine stains so you can continue enjoying your trip.

    No trip goes on without small hitches and glitches down the road. Armed with all the right wine tasting essentials is one way to make sure your trip is nothing short of pleasant from start to finish. One thing to note, if you get hurt, say, twist your ankle while intoxicated, your travel insurance will likely not cover your visit to the ER. A great resource on the ins and outs of travel insurance is While we don't want to alarm anyone, knowing the facts can be helpful. So with all this info, raise your glasses and pack your bags because you are about to embark on a memorable journey - Cheers!

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