Fall Fun Outdoor Activities to add on your Autumn Bucket Lists
Autumn Bucket Lists
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Fall Fun Outdoor Activities
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fall wine charms
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Fall Fun Outdoor Activities to add on your Autumn Bucket Lists

The weather is cooling down; it means it's the start of the best season of the year, FALL! The leaves are starting to change their colors and it's spectacular! Take advantage of the beautiful weather. Cuddle up with a cup of hot cocoa, do crafts or visit a local pumpkin patch with the kids. You can do a lot of cozy and fun Fall activities with the family. Check out this bucket list of fun things to do this fall.

Pack and go for a picnic at the park. The chilly fall weather is a great time to spend some time outdoors with the kids before the winter season. Get your picnic basket and fill it with their favorite treats. Go to the park and let them play and enjoy the cool weather and have some picnic. Bring in some hot cocoa and marshmallows for the kids and apple cider or wine for you! These Fall Wine Charms are great additions to your glasses. These best wine charms are perfect for autumn and Thanksgiving get-together. They work on plastic, acrylic, glass or metal cups!

Bonfire at your backyard. Fall chilly nights are more fun to build a bonfire and make some s'mores with your fun family. You can tell some scary stories around the fire while having some treats.

A weekend road trip. Fall is also fun to take road trips with the family. You can visit a pumpkin patch and enjoy the scenery while on the road - there's more to see all throughout the season!

Pick apples at the nearest orchard. One fine fall weekend is a great time to let the kids pick some apples at a nearby orchard and make them a delicious apple pie at home. "I don't want Apple pie!' said NO ONE, EVER!

Let the kids play in a leaf pile. It's a perfect way to let the kids enjoy and play with the autumn leaves in the afternoon. You can even let them do a leaf scavenger hunt to educate them about autumn leaves.

Go Camping. Fall has shorter days and longer nights, it means that it's perfect to go camping in the woods or in your backyard. You can all lie outside and do stargazing or find constellations in the night sky. You can even watch a sunset or sunrise together. 

Plant some bulbs for the spring. Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs before winter so that they will bloom in spring. You can even let your kids help with you in the garden. 

Take a weekend hike. Cooler weather means, it's fun to take a hike with the kids. It’s a perfect time to smell the autumn breeze and enjoy the scenery.

Decorate for Halloween. Get your kids crafty. Create some DIY Halloween decor with your kids. It's fun to get your kids involved in decorating so that they can enjoy it and look forward to it every year. You can even teach them how to carve their pumpkins too!

Make DIY Halloween costumes. Look for cute and easy to make costume ideas on the internet and create them with your kids. These Halloween LED light sticks are great accessories for your kids' Halloween costume and will work as light sticks to help your kids be seen while trick or treating.

Make fall an epic one with these bucket list. Get your family to unplug or turn off their gadgets for a while and let them do and enjoy some real activities so that you will all enjoy this beautiful season.

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