Fall Wine Tasting Tips to Help You Enjoy the Season
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Fall Wine Glass Charms
Fall Wine Tasting Tips
Fall Wine Tasting Tips to Help You Enjoy the Season
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Fall Wine Tasting Tips to Help You Enjoy the Season

The season is changing. The leaves are turning to gold and the nights are getting cooler. Soon it's fall harvest time in the wine country and it’s the perfect time to relish the beautiful fall foliage while enjoying some delicious wine. And to make the most of the autumn harvest as it gets into full swing, here are some wine tasting tips this fall season.

How to Enjoy A Wine Tasting Event

Plan Ahead

Wine country during fall harvest is popular to wine lovers so expect that there are many visitors. You must plan out everything beforehand, things like where to stay, dining and activities. 

Dress Wisely 

  • Consider the venue and wear the appropriate dress code.
  • Wear a dark colored dress to hide the spills.
  • Avoid wearing long sleeves or dangling sleeves to avoid causing wine spills.
  • For women, wear flats or low-heeled shoes for comfort.
  • For long haired women/men, tie it back to avoid getting any hair in your wine or so you can spit easily.
  • Bring a purse or a handbag to free your hands for your wine glass and a plate of food.

Don't Wear Perfume

Smell is a vital part of wine tasting. It's hard to appreciate the aromas of delicate wines when the air around you smells like cologne, perfume, or smoke. It's an important wine tasting-room etiquette that wine tasters should be mindful of. 

Eat Something Beforehand

Don't drink wine with an empty stomach to avoid getting sick or getting drunk quickly. Eat something beforehand or if there's food at the event eat something. Stay hydrated by drinking water in between wines. 

Don't Forget to Spit

You'll be tasting good wines and you don't want to waste them, but you need to spit some too to fully enjoy the event. To pace yourself up, you must spit or pour some left over in the buckets on every table. Those buckets are for spitting and for some leftovers and the host is used to it so don't be shy. If you can't finish a glass, pour it in the bucket and move on with the tasting. And remember, the best way to rinse your wine glass is to use a splash of wine as a substitute for water.  

Take Notes

To remember the names of the good wines that you have tasted, take some good notes or you can even use your phone's camera to take pictures of the bottles of wine you really like. 

Talk to the Winery Owners or Winemakers

It's more fun and memorable if you know the story behind every bottle of wine, take time to talk to the winery owner or the winemakers. 

Don't Monopolize the Booth

Don't monopolize the booth or table. After pouring yourself a glass of wine, move away to give room to others. 

Red-Wine Stain Dilemma

Drinking red wine can stain your teeth. To avoid getting the stain, remember to drink water in between wines or chew some gum when you’re done. 

Have Fun!

Don't get serious when tasting wines, relax, enjoy, and savor the tastes of every good wine. Wine tasting events should be fun, so smile and have a blast!

If you really want to make your wine tasting experience memorable, have a tasting journal and write a complete tasting note about the wines you like and dislike. It's a very helpful way to learn how to choose the best wine on your own.

Fall Wine Glass Charms

Wine tasting is one of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful time of year. Add an exciting event this autumn season by visiting some vineyards. If you plan to attend a wine tasting event this fall, these wine tasting tips will help you fully enjoy the experience. At home, enjoy your wine time with these Fall Wine Glass Charms. These wine charms are perfect when entertaining a small party this Thanksgiving!

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