Family Zoom with Charm: Zoom Call Topics During Lockdown
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Family Zoom with Charm: Zoom Call Topics During Lockdown

Since the Lockdown, most people are working and studying from home. And, due to the physical distancing rules, we can't hang with our favorite people! However, for some family members that are living in different cities or states, a virtual video call is the best way to see and talk to each other.  In this challenging time, making calls or Zoom chats are important to keep our relationships strong, and to keep everyone sane. Did I mention a glass of wine or cocktail is usually in the mix? on a side note, Livin La Vida Lockdown cocktail recipe article is a MUST read if you're about to embark on a massive family zoom chat ;)

While still in isolation, the main thing that most people do these days to reach out to their families and co-workers is video conferencing via Zoom. For a more fun family time video-talking, here are 20 family Zoom call topics during the Lockdown.

Family Zoom Call Topics

  1. Family photo 5-10 years old.
  2. A new family recipe you’ve learned since quarantine started.
  3. What is each family member’s favorite food right now?
  4. Share favorite memories that no one knows about.
  5. Share favorite family vacation memories.
  6. Family fails. (Something didn't go quite as planned)
  7. Find a baby photo of everyone
  8. Who is the dog/cat’s favorite family member?
  9. Quick 60-second sketch of someone on the call
  10. Each sings a line from a family favorite song.
  11. Showing off your hidden talents like wiggling your ears. Impressive hidden talents can be a great icebreaker that could make you all laugh and inspire everyone to show off their hidden talents too.
  12. Favorite latest Netflix Series Binge, TV Binge or Movie
  13. What was your highlight of the day or week?
  14. What’s the best thing that happened to you while in lockdown?
  15. Which member of your family do you miss the most? Why?
  16. Virtual house/room tours ( DO NOT SHOW YOUR MOM YOUR UNMADE BED!) 
  17. Family vacay destination once all of this is over.
  18. Favorite quarantine snacks. Share what your family has been munching every day since quarantine.
  19. What TikTok videos have each family member made? You can share your TikTok videos as an icebreaker.
  20. Habits that each of you picked up while in quarantine. Whether it’s a fun, weird, or educational habit, it's worth sharing during family zoom time.

While Lockdown is still in full effect, online happy hours, movie nights, romantic dinners, and even family gatherings will have to do. Always remember, this is just a temporary setting. We can still see and talk with our loved ones through a virtual setting for now. Make your family Zoom time more fun and exciting with these tips.  

If you're planning a pool party at home this summer, Simply Charmed collection of Magnetic Summer Wine charm designs are great for making your wine glasses unique, but also charming on cocktail glasses, mason jars, and coffee cups! These are the best wine charms for Mother’s Day, 4th of July, BBQs, Picnics, birthday celebrations at home, and even virtual happy hours. Cheers to coming out of this SOON!


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