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Halloween Party Essentials
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Halloween Themed Party Essentials
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Halloween Themed Party Essentials

Are you afraid of throwing a Halloween party? Don't be! Hosting a Halloween party is inexpensive, fun, and easy!

Here are Halloween themed party essentials you'll need for a horribly amazing party!

Halloween Decorations

Ground decor and pumpkins

Dress your pumpkins. You can check DIY on Pinterest for different ways to design or dress your pumpkins. You can carve or spray them with paints and put some candles inside for a golden glow at night. Then you can display them in clusters along the path or around the party ground. 

Carved Jack-o'-lanterns

Hang up these jack-o'-lanterns on your porch to greet your guests. 

DIY Halloween balloons, cobwebs and spiders and paper bats

There are lots of ideas you can find on Pinterest on how to create fake cobwebs and spiders, bats and other Halloween decor. You can hang them on the corners of your living room or food and drink table or create a paper bat banner and let them dangle from the ceiling or lighted trees to create a frightening atmosphere.  

Candles or solar Tiki torch lights

To create a spookier atmosphere, you can use candles or tiki torch lights to light an outdoor party. A candelabrum is perfect for dramatic flair!

Spooky playlist

Create a spooky playlist or some scary sound effects such as horrifying screams, thunder or snarling monsters for a creepier atmosphere.

Food and Drink


For appetizers, you need to plan ahead. All you need is to plan a dinner menu that features easy to prepare Halloween appetizers. You can make some appetizers and let other guests bring in some. You can prepare some mini burgers, hotdogs, popcorns, grilled corns, tacos, and some cheesy nachos!

Candy corner 

Halloween night is known for trick-or-treating and candies are the star of the night. You can make a candy corner with glass jars and platters loaded with all things sweets such as candies, chocolates, and cookies with mini scoops and disposable containers or goodie bags for your guests to take home.  

Beverages and cups

You can serve a punch bowl, wine and non-alcoholic drinks for the kids. If you'll be serving some wine or cocktail drinks, you can prepare two to three cocktails. Make sure that you prepare some wine or cocktail glasses intended for alcoholic drinks. And some colorful paper cups for the kids' drinks. These Halloween Wine Glass Charms are the perfect addition to your glasses and cups to make your guests' drinks spookier!


To make your desserts spookier, cupcakes and cookies are perfect. They are easy and fun to decorate. You can bake some cookies shaped like monsters and ghosts or some cupcakes topped with spiders and spider webs or mini pumpkin candies. A pumpkin cake or chocolate cake topped with lots of Halloween candies.   

Plates, napkins, and utensils

You can use paper cups and plates that match your theme. You can match your table setting with your decorations.

Activities and Games


Pop goes the pumpkin

Kick-off the Halloween with a bang with this pop goes the pumpkin game. This is a classic Halloween game and is easy to prepare. All you need are confetti-filled orange balloons and put them on a wall! This game is great for 10-12 years old kids. 

Halloween tin can bowling game

This bowling game is fun - you gotta knock some painted tin cans down! Kids will surely enjoy playing this game than knocking down classic plastic bowling pins. All you have to do is gather some old soup tin cans, clean and decorate them as Halloween characters.

Bobbing for apple game

This is also a classic Halloween party game, but this version offers the same fun and excitement without the water mess. All you have to do is drill a hole in the apples, then pull the yarn through it and tie the apple from a tree. The kids then or adults too can "bob" the swinging apples!

Pumpkin golf game

I'm sure you and your kids will enjoy preparing for this game. You can DIY - make a hole-in-one by cutting out a plastic pumpkin. The kids will have fun playing this putt-putt golf game.

Halloween Photobooth

Create a photo booth corner with a horrifying backdraft and props like witches’ hat, Fun Halloween LED light sticks from Simply Charmed to go with it. You can let your guests take selfies or you can prepare your camera to take their photos. Everyone will surely enjoy posing with Halloween props on and doing wacky faces.

Planning an epic Halloween party isn't frightening at all! Your guests will surely be spooked by your food, games, and decorations. You can easily DIY most of the decorations with cheaper materials to use and there's nothing spooky about it! Have fun!

Happy Halloween!


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