How to Easily Throw a Themed Party
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How to Easily Throw a Themed Party
How to Throw a Themed Party
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Throw a Themed Party
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Throwing a stress-free themed party
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How to Easily Throw a Themed Party

Throwing a stress-free themed party  while keeping your guests pleased all throughout the night is quite the task. Fear not, your team has arrived with some super easy and sneaky tricks to throw a party like a PRO!

Here are five easy things you can do to create a themed party that will make you a Party Boss!

Throw a Party with your BFF(s)

Throwing a party all by yourself is tough. You're not wonder woman (always), so recruit a partner(s). You can plan a themed party with your BFFs, the more the merrier, plus it's fun to do something extra with the girls!

You can assign each of your BFFs (that includes you) to take care of the food, drinks, games and decor.

There's ALWAYS one bestie who loves wine or cocktails. Let her create some punch or cocktail mixes for the crowd. When there is a cocktail lover there is a dessert maker not far behind. Rope in one of your baker BFF’s to bake her favorite dessert.

BYOB if you don’t have the budget to provide ALL the drinks for everyone. Make a simple request to your guests to bring drinks of their choosing like beer or wine. Don’t forget to have some water or soda on hand.

Plan a Simple, but Delicious Meal

Don't go nuts learning new food recipes for your party! Unless you really want to go the extra mile! Google or Pinterest  are your best friend here. Search for appetizer ideas. Make it simple. You can have a friend set up a BBQ, have some veggie crudité, brats, cheese, crackers and potato chips. Easy peasy!

Let the Good Music Play All Night Long

Need we say more? Music can make or break a party. Set up Google Play Music, iTunes Radio or Spotify. Connect to your sound bar, or TV. DONE!

Plan an Activity or Games for your Guests!

Providing food, booze and music to your guests are obviously awesome, but, offering a little entertainment for your guests will make your party top notch! Here are some fun things big and small to keep your guests entertained:

Outdoor Movie: Watching a movie under the stars is a great experience. You can provide a portable projector and set up outdoor. You can watch latest movies or classic ones. Have a movie nut (there’s always one) bff compile her favorite movies or you can watch Netflix. ( If that’s your vibe.

Set up a Sing-a-long or Karaoke Outdoor: Let your guests sing their heart out all through the night.

Hire a Live Band if you Got the Budget: You can hire a local band or if you have friends who want to jam, that would be great!

Photo Booth: You can set up a photo booth area with a great backdrop (or just a sheet) along with fun hats, glasses, wigs and other props you  could easily find at a dollar store. Have you guests snap silly images for their Instagram all night. Look for DIY photo booth ideas on Pinterest. Capture a memorable night with great IG snaps with your besties!

Decorate Like a Pro

Create a party decor that will make your guests feel alive and in a party mood.

The Entryway: Make a festive "Welcome to the Party" banner or simply some balloons.

Party Lights: Holiday lights are great party décor addition. String fairy lights overhead to brighten your backyard to create a festive atmosphere.

Table Setting: Set up a functional table like a "Triangle Table". Add some fun touches on your table like thematic props, flowers table setting ideas on Pinterest.

Saved the best for last, The Drinks Table: The drinks table is usually a separate table or better yet, a bar cart. To add more fun and excitement, dress your beer and wine glasses with magnetic wine charms. Click here for Magnetic Glass Charms perfect for your party glasses.

Let's get real! Nobody wants to have a boring party! A boring party is just like watching a bad movie.

You can turn a simple themed party into a totally awesome one with food, drinks and music. But, you could go more “low-key” and get yourself a face mask, wine, pizza and hit play to one of your favorite movies.

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