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How to Find the Perfect Wine Charm

Wine charms are cute accessories you attach to your glass or beer mugs that are commonly used help people recognize which glass belongs to whom. There are different designs, styles, and themes of wine glass charms you can choose from. Wine charms are perfect for simple dinners, parties, wine tasting events, and themed parties. Need an icebreaker? These little guys are a hit!

When Selecting Wine Charms

Wine charms come in a variety of styles, designs, materials used and price range. You can find them at many department stores or online. We will make it easier for you with the widest range to choose from at Simply Charmed.

What you need to know. There are some basic styles to choose from and these are your top three styles:

  • Hoop Wine Glass Charms

This wine charm works for stemmed glasses. It comes in many different styles and designs where charms are attached to a metal little ring with a small opening that allows it to fit around the stem of the wine glass. The charm dangles on the base.

  • Magnetic Wine Glass Charms

These themed wine charms have two strong magnets to attach on your glasses and will sit securely in place. Perfect on ANY type of stem or stemless glass, plastic or acrylic cups. You can just simply place the charm outside the glass and the magnet behind it in the inside of the glass. Unlike the hoop markers, they don't clank or dangle when you lift your glass and they are super easy to put on.

  • Markers for Stemmed Glasses

This type of glass marker is easy to add and remove. A swirl wine charm wraps around any stemmed. They are usually made of thin and flexible silicone that can easily and tightly wrap around the stem to secure a grip and to avoid the glass from slipping out of your grip.

Wouldn't it be nice to tag your glasses with an elegant and fun charm? Just choose a set of wine charms that complements your theme. A bridal shower, hosting a birthday, perhaps the Derby? We’ve got you covered. Wine glass charms and all you need to know about them.

So for your next party, add wine charms to your glasses for a bit of fun and excitement, no matter how simple or elegant it is. Amuse your guests with these themed wine charms or with a symbol of their favorite things in life or hobbies. Place a charm on each of your glasses, raise a glass and say "Cheers!”


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