How to Keep an Eye on your Kiddos on Halloween Night
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Keep an Eye on your Kiddos on Halloween Night
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How to Keep an Eye on your Kiddos on Halloween Night

Trick-or-treat makes Halloween an exciting night for everyone, especially kids of all ages. Who doesn’t love Halloween? Even us, 'kids at heart' love Halloween. Wearing a spooky costume, free candies and chocolates are the highlights of the night.

For moms and dads, to ensure a fun and safe Halloween night for your kiddos consider these safety tips.

  • Map your trick-or-treating route ahead. Plan ahead which route is safe for the kids, which houses the trick-or-treaters should visit or which houses to avoid. Make sure that there are chaperones or a few bigger children with the group. For younger kids (2-5) it's better to have an adult company.

  • Trick-or-treat before dark. If you have younger trick-or-treaters, it's better to take them trick-or-treating early or before it gets dark. The earlier the better, when the road is still not busy and visible and they can snag better candies!

  • Wear a comfortable and well-fitted costume. You have to ensure that before buying your kids' costume, ensure that they are comfortable to wear and fit well on your kids so that they can move freely all night long.

  • Protect your kid’s face. Make sure that your kid's costume accessory or mask is not tight and the eye-holes are twice as large as his/her eyes so that he/she can see properly. Or you can even avoid masks by using non-toxic face paint.

  • Wear reflective costumes, gear or Halloween light sticks. During Halloween night, streets are also busy. In order to keep your kids safe, let them wear reflective gear or carry a toy like Halloween light stick. Simply Charmed LED Light Up Wands are great costume accessories or this flashing wands will also work as light sticks to help the kids be seen while trick or treating on the streets.

  • Let your kids wear comfortable shoes. A pair of well-fitted and comfortable shoes will keep your kids safe and avoid discomfort all throughout the night. 

  • Avoid fire accidents. To prevent fire accidents and burns, avoid using candles for your kids' lanterns or your decorations, use battery-powered candles instead. 

  • Check the treats. Before letting your kids eat their candies, make sure to check them if they are edible or have been tampered with.
  • Your little ones will surely enjoy this Halloween night with their costumes and candies, just make sure that they're all safe on the streets with these safety Halloween night tips.

    For more fun and spooky Halloween night, these Halloween Wine Glass Charms will surely spook your guests or these Halloween Monster Mash set will keep an eye on your kids' drinks all night. Happy and safe trick-or-treating!

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