How to Make your Wedding Toast Unique
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How to Make your Wedding Toast Unique
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Make your Wedding Toast Unique
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Wedding Toast Unique
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How to Make your Wedding Toast Unique

The idea of making your wedding toast unique doesn't have to be nerve-wracking. The best wedding toast should stir warm emotions and have a long-lasting impact not only to the newlyweds but to everyone present. The purpose of a wedding toast is to honor the newlywed couple in the simplest and charming way possible as they start their new life together. Stressing a tad? You’ll get by with a little help from your friends, us!

Who Should Give a Wedding Toast?

Traditionally, the best man is the master of the ceremonies at a wedding reception; he also kicks off the first toast. If this is not the case for your wedding, you should consider choosing a family member (perhaps a father of the bride or groom) or one of your BFFs. The most important point to remember here is to make sure that you choose the best person who will give a great speech, entertain the crowd and know YOU!

When is the First Toast?

For most formal wedding weddings, the first toast is given before the first dance. Modern-day often calls for the toast before the cutting of the cake when the bride and groom enter the room for the first time as a married couple. In the end, It totally depends on the couple's preference or the wedding planner's. The order of event is something you want to be nailed down to avoid havoc on the day.

For the couple, what to do during the toasts?

During the toasts, the couple should remain seated and wait until the toast is over. Next, this is the easy part, raise your glass and chime in on the “cheers!”

If the Groom or Bride are giving the initial toast this will be the time to say thank you to all your guests. Often time the Bride/Groom will tie the speech into this toast. Express your gratitude and tell everyone how excited you are to finally begin your lives together as husband and wife, a story of how you met, a little joke here and there and finally seal the speech with a kiss.

Glam up your Champagne & Wine Glasses

Customize your wedding toasts by not only asking the closest person in your life to kick off the first toast but also by ordering custom labels for your champagne and wine. Select the barware that fits your theme. When it comes to implementing unique touches, choose the ones that will stand out and entertain your guests. Glam up the champagne flutes that you will use for the toasts with wine charms. You can incorporate your birthstone in your wine glass with  Swarovski Crystal magnetic wine charms. An effective way to add a little sparkle to your momentous occasion.

Speak from the heart & enjoy the moment.


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