How to Plan a Festive Halloween Party at Home by Simply Charmed
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How to Plan a Festive Halloween Party at Home

Halloween celebration might be different this year, but you can still throw a Halloween party at home for your family and a few friends, so don't be terrified. Let the kids do the trick-or-treating at home and transform the ambience into a spooky one.

It's not early to plan if you want to make your Halloween bash a success. Here are some kid and budget-friendly Halloween party ideas for you!


When it comes to Halloween decorations - there are endless options. There are many DIY party decorations for Halloween to make your home feel scary-fun and you can even let the kids help. Here are some DIY Halloween décor ideas that are easy and totally in your budget.

Wine Bottle Candlesticks by Country Living Staff

All you need are wine bottles, black spray paint, and orange taper candles. Just paint the bottles, let them dry, and insert the candles in each opening.
Wine Bottle Candlesticks by Country Living Staff


Creepy Spider web Wall by Country Living Staff

To add more creepiness to your home, why not add some eerie spiders and spider webs to your buffet table? All you need are some fake spiders and spider web materials, branches, and black spray paint. Just spray the branches with black paint and let them dry. Stretch the spider web and across your buffet table wall and branches and hang the spiders.

Creepy Spider web Wall by Country Living Staff

Party Favors

If you want to give some party favors for the adult guests, Simply Charmed's Halloween Wine Charms Set is perfect! Let your guests pick their charm and let them keep their wine charm as a party favor to remember the night. These spooky magnetic wine charms are also perfect Halloween hostess gifts if you're attending a party instead of throwing one.

Halloween Wine Charms Set


Frilly Favors

This is a brand new idea for your loot or goody bags especially when you let the kids do some trick-or-treating at home. Just decorate them with construction paper, newspaper, and felt for a fancier one. Here's the Frilly Favors tutorial.

Frilly Favors tutorial by Woman's Day

Spooktacular Treats and Snacks

Easy and delicious Halloween treats are always the star of the night. After some trick-or-treating or games, everyone gets hungry and would devour any food on the table. Try these frightfully delightful Halloween Themed Snacks we’ve gathered. Your guests, especially the little goblins will surely love them. And of course, don’t forget to give a little makeover to your snack bowls, and platters.

Halloween Themed Snacks for a Spooktacular Party by Simply Charmed

Scary-Licious Drinks

For a more festive Halloween bash, don't forget the boozy drinks! They are a must for the grown-ups and of course some spooky punch for the little ones. Check out our collection of easy to make, dangerously good, and even easier to drink Halloween Themed Drinks. To make your glasses even spookier, these Halloween Black Cat Wine Charms will do the trick!

Scary-licious Halloween Cocktails That Will Delight Everyone by Simply Charmed


No matter how simple your Halloween party is, there are several ways to ramp it up to make it more festive for the whole family and your guests. From Halloween decorations to Scary-Licious Cocktails and Spooky Snacks that are actually fun and tasty! 

Happy Halloween!


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