How to Throw a GALentine’s Day Party
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GALentine’s Day
GALentine’s Day Party
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How to Throw a GALentine’s Day Party
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Throw a GALentine’s Day Party
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Valentine’s Day
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Wine Party for the GALS

How to Throw a GALentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to celebrate love! And like Leslie Knope on Parks & Recreation taught us, what better time to throw a GALentine's Day party for the best women in your life!? So for the extravaganza for your BFFs, start here!

Pick a Theme

Choosing a prefect theme for a GALentine’s Day party is fun. Plus getting dressed up is the best part, YAY! Dress up or dress down like a pajama party. You’ll get comfy with your best BFFs and enjoy the finer things in life, like pizza, chocolates and wine,  a whole lot of wine ;)

Arrange Bar Cart

Decorate a bar cart whatever way you want. Heart-shaped balloons, letter balloons and letter signs with “Wine Party for the GALS”. In your cart, add some heart-shaped candies & chocolates, heart-shaped cookies, heart-shaped cake and of course lots of wine & cocktail drinks.

Pick Some Drinks

Did someone say boozy party with girls? Bring on the delicious cocktails and the best wine! You know your BFFs well, so why don’t you pick the wine and prepare a new concoction for them, how romantic.

Must-Have Wine Charms

Add more excitement by adding some wine charms to wine your glasses. These charms will serve as glass identifiers to avoid switching of wine glasses. Never let anyone lose their glasses with these Valentines day Charms set.

DIY Photo Booth

A photo booth is fun and making a photo station takes a minimal effort. You can look for DIY photo booth on Pinterest; there are plenty to choose from there. Take a look at the image I’ve grabbed from Pinterest. You can create a great backdrop with glitters and red & pink heart-shaped balloons or some heart banners. You can use your Polaroid camera with film ready to go to take pictures, so that everyone can bring home their own souvenirs from a memorable party.

Heart-Shaped Party Food

If you’ll be having a pajama party, a heart-shaped pizza is good to go! Some pizzerias customize heart-shaped pizzas. You can also bake some heart-shaped cookies or order some from pastry shops.

Prepare Some Party Favors

You want to prepare something that your BFFs bring home after a great party. Something that will remind you and them of the memories you’ve made with your best friends. You can give them the picture taken from your Polaroid camera and these cuddly Panda wine charms. They make a perfect gift for your BFFs this Valentine’s Day!

We hope that celebrating GALentine’s Day with your BFFs with overflowing wine and heart-shaped food this GALentine’s Day!

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