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How to Throw a Perfect Wedding Shower
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Perfect Wedding Shower
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Throw a Perfect Wedding Shower
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How to Throw a Perfect Wedding Shower

Hosting a wedding shower is fun and a little nerve-wracking. It's a way of celebrating the couple along with family and friends before the big day. It's also an affair where the guests bring gifts for the couple's basic needs typically to help them as they transcend into married life.

A wedding shower is totally different from a bachelorette party. A bachelorette party is a particularly non-formal event for the bride-to-be and fun gifts are given like lingerie for the honeymoon night. While a wedding shower is a party for both the couple, it’s more formal and traditional and the gifts given are household gifts that range from cookware to linen. Check out these tips on how to throw a perfect wedding shower.

Pick a date

A wedding shower should be held two months or more before the wedding. The earlier the better.

Select a theme

An “insta-worthy” themed wedding shower is now a trend. If you're hosting a shower party, it's best to consult the couple first if they want a themed-party. A theme helps the host to decide what decorations, food, and drinks are perfect for the party. Some famous themes are the beach, garden or tea themed showers. If the couple decides a simple shower party, you can create a color scheme like, light pink, cold or white that could be presented with colored balloons. To perk up the tables, just add some white/pink flowers as table centerpieces. A bonus addition to the event, add framed pictures of the couple along with the centerpieces or you can hang some pictures in strings on the wall.

Guest list & Invitations

The invitations also should be sent out a week or two before the shower date via email or snail mail. It's a must to make a guest list to keep track of the number of guests and the bride and groom should be informed about whom to invite.

Wedding Shower Food Menu

The food- the ultimate make or break of a party. A menu for a shower party doesn't have to be expensive. There are several simple, but delicious food recipes to cook at home. Think about including canape style eats such as salmon with cream cheese on crackers, veggie crudité or cheese boards, tea sandwiches; you can ask family members of the couple as well as the friends if they can prepare a plate of food to contribute.

A display of desserts is also a great idea like small chocolates, cookies, cupcakes, lemon bars, and sliced fresh fruits. You can even have a shower party cake for the event along with the desserts.

Refreshing Drinks and Cocktails

In terms of drinks consider these firm favorites:

  • chilled champagne
  • Wine
  • Mimosa
  • Simple cocktails
  • Fizzy punch/non-alcoholic punch.

Check out some of these recipes to get you started.

Jazz up the party glasses with Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Wine Glass Charms on the glasses.

Wedding Shower Games

Showers whether simple or not is incomplete without some games or activity. Prepare some simple prizes for the games like a small bag of chocolates. You can do a bride and groom trivia, a wedding shower bingo or a sentimental activity like "A Memory Jar". Just place a big jar at the entrance table with papers and pens and have all the guests write their favorite memory of the couple and slip in the jar.

Simple Gifts for the Guests

Giving a simple gift or token for the guests is a great way to show them gratitude celebrating one of the best moments of the bride and groom before the big day. Simple gifts for the guests are a key chain or refrigerator photo magnet of the bride & groom photo. How about a set of Magnetic Wine Glass Charms?

See? You can pull off a wedding shower party without stressing! Just breathe and get your BFFs to help out. They are willing to help. Remember, to have fun and share the love!


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