How to Throw an Adult Halloween Party
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How to Throw an Adult Halloween Party

With Halloween just a few months away, we are sure you are already looking for ways to ring in the festivities with fun party ideas for all your friends! This is the time of the year where we, the adults of the generation, can kick back and embrace our inner childishness through dress up and fun times - with an added bonus of booze!

Halloween celebrations are a lot more laid back than most, which gives you more leeway to be creative! If you are thinking of hosting an adult Halloween party, keep on reading the blog below as we recount some of the most important tips you have to keep in mind.

Decorate to your heart’s content

Halloween feast

As mentioned earlier, Halloween is the best time to let your inner child play! Use the space as your medium and create a wonderland that brings your greatest nightmare (or dream) to life. Choosing a theme this early on can help you make easy design choices later on.

Remember, it is all about the mood. If you want to go for a more spine-tingling vibe, opt to create an atmosphere that is truly chilling by going for rustic and antique decorations. Lighting is also a big factor, using candles can instantly turn any room a whole lot creepier.

Of course, you can go the fun route and turn your place into a manic fun house - like we said, this is the best time for you to decorate to your heart’s content.

Play with your food

Halloween food ideas

Well, not literally. Halloween is the best time to decorate your home with food. There are tons of recipes and design inspirations online for ghoulish eats everyone will surely love.

And best part of it all, you don't have to stop at food. You can also be creative with your drink selection. How does bloody mary and blue poison sound? This is the best time for you to be creative with cocktails.

Take it up a notch and adorn your glasses with spooky and fun wine glass markers from Simply Charmed. With 12 unique wine glass markers in every set, your friends will never lose a drink in the crowd again!

Have a bloody good time

What is a party without games? There are a lot of games you can play with your guests to ring in the spirit (or should we say spirits?) of Halloween. Go all out and plot a mystery for them to solve or send your guests on a spooky scavenger hunt! There are endless games to play and a lot of good times to share.

Time for dress up

Halloween costume for adults

Didn't think we’d forget about dress up, did you? After settling on a theme, time to send out the invitations and let your guests know that they are expected to dress up accordingly.  Get everyone excited by creating a contest with different different categories - this is a great way to push everyone to be more creative!

A Halloween party is a great way to let your creativity run loose! From creative drinks to outrageous decorations and more. Have the best time with your friends with these tips and prepare to be everyone’s favorite host.

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