Labor Day Grillin' and Chillin' - The Last Big BBQ of Summer
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Labor Day Grillin' and Chillin' - The Last Big BBQ of Summer

Getting Ready For Our End of Summer Celebration

Just as the evenings start to draw in a little earlier, we realize that we are looking at the last days of August and summer, and the last days of white socks!

Here we are planning the last of the summer picnics and days out, but the Big Cookout is looming on September 4. Where is your Labor Day feast going to be?

If, like us, you have taken up the challenge to have friends and family around for the day, then the planning is well underway.

First, we must tackle the question of having the Kettle Grill ready and in top condition, cleaning it up, getting more charcoal as suddenly it seems to have all disappeared. Also, making sure that all the brushes, tongs and forks are going to be in the right place, so as the grill cook can be vigilant and on station all the time.

The question of having meat grilled fast, or going for a nice slow smoke is being debated as some juicy ribs will be a great treat for all. But some crave sausages, and some like their chicken, so spicy marinated wings will included, while we will have a corner for grilling some great fresh zucchini and eggplant.

Salads and vegetable recipes are not quite finalized, as we have a few new guests coming over, while at the same time popular demand is for a good ‘ole coleslaw, and potato salad to appear on the table. Trawling the recipe sites and a few books for some delicious but simple new ideas is inspirational. In doing so, we have already come across recipes from our friends at Mister Alfresco, who have an e-book of recipes coming out soon, and really like their simple taste teaser recipe of Grilled Corn on the Cob with Truffle Butter!!  

What could be simpler, but with just the right amount of special occasion about it?

As we are making a special occasion out of the entire day, we have to make sure the pre-planning is done for the table layout, a chair count so we know who to ask to bring a few extra picnic chairs, and a full count of dinnerware, napkins, cutlery, and of course glassware.

On our table, the glasses are the first and last things our guests look for. On a hot day plan for plenty for water plus a few decorative iced jugs; then some tall tumblers for the non-alcoholic punch or something like a really nice iced mint julep, which could be great mixer. To keep the glasses organized plan on using Simply Charmed's wine glass charms with the fun summer, sea and garden themes, which are going to keep everyone’s glasses in their own hands!

For the main drinks selection we will be arranging the right number of wine glasses and beer mugs, as we have an excellent group of fun people coming around who all like the grape and the grain.

Nothing warms a host’s heart more than seeing a sparkling row of glasses ready for guests, while the smoky aromas from the grill promise a great feast, and really draws the crowd around the grill chef with glasses in hand!

Let us know your favorite recipes for cookouts and BBQ's, and check out recipes from last year's recipe round up! Cheers!

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