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Make the Most out of Your Wine

After a long and tiring week, we all look forward to winding down with our favorite glass of wine in tow. While nothing beats a good glass (or maybe even two) of your favorite wine, we have discovered a few “hacks” that can help you make it even better. Make the most out of your wine with these ingenious tips.

 Chill Your Wine in Half the Time

There comes a point where you have to choose between a warm white wine or a diluted white wine but we find that neither works for us. This wine chilling tip will have you enjoying your favorite white wine in half the time.

Grab an ice bucket and fill it with ice and cold water. Once half filled, throw in two handfuls of rock salt and nestle your bottle in the bucket. This should chill your wine a lot faster than throwing them in the fridge.

 Store Your Corked Wine Bottles Sideways

If you manage to muster the willpower to save your wine for another day, storing them sideways is the best way to go. Storing them upright can allow the corks to dry out. Also, storing your wine bottle makes for less oxidation so your wine will taste better for longer.

 Use White Wine for Cooking

While white wine can still taste good even when old, we find that we are better off using them in the kitchen. Use a splash of old white wine in pasta or vegetable dishes to give it more dimension and flavor. This can also be a great way to put your least favorite bottle to good use.

 On a budget?

When you are trying to stay under $10 and still want a bottle that you can serve to guests, stick with a red blend, versus a wine that is only one varietal. When wine makers blend different grapes, they can achieve smooth and rich flavors. To do this with a single varietal is harder to achieve, and to get a good one the price points are much closer to $20 and up.

 Use Wine Glass Charms

We all need to feel special sometimes. Adding a sparkly Swarovski encrusted wine glass marker to your glassware can add that special touch to an ordinary glass. This is especially helpful if you have a few friends coming over, as they help prevent guests from mixing up their drink with someone else’s.

The Simply Charmed Swarovski crystal magnetic wine charms are also perfect stuffing stuffers for your wine loving friends and loved ones.

There you have it, a few “hacks” and tips to help you make the most out of your wine. Never waste a good bottle of wine ever again with these helpful tips. Cheers!

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