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The Art of Perfecting a BBQ Bash

Whether you are rearing to get started on all the party planning you need to do before the Fourth of July or you simply want to gather everyone for a BBQ cookout for no reason, this definitive guide will be just what you need. From cocktail recipes to a winning marinade recipe,  we have got them all!

Be inspired by some of these incredibly easy and yummy recipes that will have guests thinking you have mastered the art of throwing the perfect BBQ bash! Sit tight and prepare yourself for non-stop food inspirations ahead.

Drinks for everyone

Drinks are probably one of the first things that run low at parties - that is why it is important that you, as the host, make sure there is enough to last the entire night. Sure, you can ask guests to bring a bottle of wine but this is all about PERFECTING the art of BBQ cookouts, so do not be afraid to outdo yourself.

We have just recently came up with a list of 6 fantastic cocktail recipes that you can most definitely check out for later but here are a few standouts you might want to take a look at.

Fancy and Easy Moscato Slushie - The beauty of this drink is in its sheer simplicity. Refreshing and sweet without being too overbearing and tangy. This is a definite crowd-pleaser tested by our family and friends!  

Rum That Packs a Punch -  if you are looking for something that will go well with grilled entrees and dishes, this drink is it! Although it tastes fruity and light, it surely packs a punch! Remind guests to enjoy this drink with caution because it is easily addicting.

Sides That will Take Center Stage

Sides are just  as important as the main course. This is usually what guests go to first because they are fuzz free to eat and, when done right, they surely hits the spot! In selecting the right side dish to serve, consider flavors that will go perfectly well with grilled and smoked dishes. Sides should compliment the main course, after all.

Bacon and Ranch Salad Pasta - We do not know anyone who doesn’t love this together with a slab of smoked lamb chops! The crisp and salty taste of the bacon married with the smooth and tangy flavors of ranch dressing has perfection written all over it! Test it out and watch as guests go for second servings faster than you can say PASTA SALAD!

Those Deviled Bacon & Cheddar Eggs - A long time favorite just got revamped! Deviled eggs are a staple at any party because they are delicious and can easily be gobbled down with one hand - making them the perfect party treat. Step it up a notch and add cripsy bacon bits and cheddar cheese to make it a bit more special.

Marinades for Accolades

This marinade recipe from a former employee of a famous steakhouse turned foodie who couldn’t help but share the confidential concoction with the whole world. Pinners are raving about this recipe so why should you be left behind? Try it out and find out from which steak house this former employee-turned-foodie came from!

Ribs That Will Get First Dibs

Because we are mastering the art of perfecting a BBQ cookout, now is the best time to bring out the big guns. Ribs are fancier alternatives to the usual grill favorites. Give this Glazed Honey Garlic recipe a try and find out why we can’t help crave for it at every BBQ!

Did You Actually Think We Forgot About Dessert?!

How could we possibly leave out these winning dessert recipes without feeling guilty! Now that you have used up all of your energy in coming up with a diverse selection of food and drinks, take a breather and  try out these fuzz-free desserts!

Grilled S'mores - If it’s good enough for Elvis then it's good enough for us! Do not be afraid to get messy with this recipe because s'mores a lot more fun to eat when they start being a gooey mess, right?

Make Ahead Peach Cream Cake - If you are craving for something more refreshing and creamy to the taste then you can’t go wrong with this peach cream cake recipe. Make them a day in advance and store them in the fridge - just muster up enough self control not to gobble them down before the party!

There you have it, recipes that will surely make you an expert in throwing a BBQ cookout. Go all out and impress loved ones with these mouth watering recipes that will have them asking “when is the next one?”.

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