The Best Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day while on Lockdown
Best Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day while on Lockdown
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Celebrate Mother's Day
Celebrate Mother's Day while on Lockdown
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The Best Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day while on Lockdown

The world may be facing a big crisis right now due to Covid-19 pandemic, but let's not forget a special day to honor our moms - Mother's Day on May 10, Sunday. That's right, it's the day we honor and give thanks to the woman who loves and cares about us dearly. With the country on lockdown, it's going to be different and more intimate (because we'll be celebrating it at home or via Skype?). 

Here are some ideas to celebrate Mother's Day during the lockdown.

Via Video Chat

If you're not living with your mom, then you must refrain from visiting your dear mom for now. It's a bit sad, but it's for their safety and she will completely understand it. You can still send your love to your mom via Face Time or Skype. Let her know how important she is and how you love her.

Make her breakfast in bed

Give your mom a break! She probably does all the cooking for everyone why not give her a break just for a day? Why not surprise her with breakfast in bed? Make sure you prepare breakfast earlier than her waking time.

Clean the house and do the dishes

You've probably started making your mom breakfast in bed, why not give her a day off? Cleaning the house and washing the dishes might not be your thing, but it will surely make your mom happy.

Do the gardening for a day

Most moms love gardening, especially this spring season when the plants are starting to grow. If you happen to see your mom's garden look messy, offer her to handle the groundskeeping. Make her some tea or give her a glass of wine and sit outside while you do the gardening.          

These Vegetable Magnetic Wine Charms are the perfect addition to your mom's wine glasses. This wine charm set would make a wonderful gift for a gardener especially this Mother’s Day.  She can even use the whole set for entertaining when this pandemic is over.

Picnic or dinner in your backyard

Since we are still in the home quarantine, we can't just go out and celebrate in crowded places. You can still celebrate at home by preparing a picnic or simple dinner/BBQ in your backyard. You can order food delivery or you can prepare your meal. Here are some recipes for you to check out Spring Picnic Food Ideas to Enjoy and some cocktail drink recipes too Refreshing Cocktail Recipes.

Buy her a gift online

You can still get your mom a gift like eBooks. Know her favorite authors and purchase online.

There you have it! The best ways to celebrate Mother's Day while on lockdown. These ideas may seem simple, but it’s the thought and effort that counts. Our moms are the best, they are the most understanding people in the world. Even a simple "I love you and stay safe" will be enough for them. And they will be delighted with that.

Happy Mother's Day to all of us!

Much love and keep safe!







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