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Throwing a Wine Tasting Party
Tips for Throwing a Wine Tasting Party
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Wine Tasting Party
Wine Tasting Party Tips

Tips for Throwing a Wine Tasting Party

Having a Tasting party is fun! It's a great excuse to gather your BFFs to taste new and vintage varieties of wines, experiment with flavours then sip, swirl and nibble away.

Yours truly, Simply Charmed have gathered some tips on how to host a wine tasting party.

Wine Tasting Party Tips

Select a Theme

  • Vintage Wines - Try to find varieties of vintage wines. Vintage wines are a bit expensive, but they taste so good.
  • Variety of Wines - Try to find wines from different regions. You can try to compare Pinot Noir from Central Otago of New Zealand, Burgundy’s Côte de Nuits, California’s Sonoma Coast, California’s Russian River Valley or Oregon’s Dundee Hills.
  • Style - Select a series of similarly styled wines like “rich, bold reds”, “dessert wines” or “Crisp, dry white wines”
  • Blind Tasting - Select wine varieties; pour them into decanters or containers to hide their identity. This theme is exciting; your guests will surely enjoy and guess what wine they're sipping. Select a wine shop with wine expert staff to have them choose the best wines for your wine tasting party.
  • Random Wines - Just let your guests bring a bottle of wine of them choosing and sip them all.

Select Guest List

  • Keep your wine party intimate. You can limit your guests to 10 people or fewer. A small group of people is easy to pour out small portions of wine and keep conversations at bay. Just make sure that all your guests got to taste every wine you have. If your guests exceed the count, you'll have to duplicate each wine in order for everyone to have a sip of each.
  • Send invites to your guests at least two weeks ahead.

Prepare Wine Essentials


  • Wine Glasses - Allot two glasses per person so that they can better taste and compare each wine.
  • Wine Glass Markers - Having each wine glass designed with wine glass marker or wine charm is a great way to identify which wine glass belongs to whom. Check out our collection of wine charms that suits your taste.
  • Palate Cleaners - Prepare plenty of simple slices of bread or water crackers for palate cleansers.
  • Water – It’s very important to hydrate your guests. (Not just with wine...LOL!)
  • Spit Buckets - A bucket where your guests can get rid of unwanted wine.

Serve the Right Food

Try tasting different cheeses, bitter chocolate, grapes or salted nuts to see how wine tastes after eating them. Make sure they have had a meal before or give them one. You want your gal pals to be happy not blind drunk.

Hosting a wine tasting party is easy, all you need to do is grab some bottles of wine and invite your BFFs over! It's a great means of experiencing wine and enjoying them with the best people in your life.


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