Top 3 Wine Producing Countries
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Top 3 Wine Producing Countries
Top Wine Producing Countries
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Wine Producing Countries

Top 3 Wine Producing Countries

Wine is universally loved, and the wine industry is blooming. Countries across the globe are striving to produce the best wine ever. But which countries are the top producers of the best of the best wines? When it comes to wine production, the top 3 wine producing countries are France, Italy and Spain.

Europe's top wine producers make almost half of the world's wine production enough to fill 5,127 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Here's a rundown about the volume of wine the make and what makes their wine so popular.

Top 1: France 

France is also known as the home of the most expensive wines on the planet. French wine production history is dated back to the 6th century BC. They produced nearly 8 million bottles of wine in a year and 33% were exported around the world. The most popular wine producer in France is Bordeaux. It's the largest wine region is France and they produce some of the most iconic wines.  French are very proud of the wine and they make sure that they have the finest quality. Some of their famous wines are Champagne, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Top 2: Italy

Italy has 1 million vineyards due to its unique geographical location. They can grow a wide range of varieties of wine and all grown in 100% of the whole region. Italy's famous wine is Prosecco and the popular grape varietals found in Italy for red wine are Barbera, Merlot, Montepulciano and Sangiovese. And for white wine, Tocai is the leading choice, ahead of the famous Prosecco.

Top 3: Spain


Spain is popular for their stunning red and white wines, but they are well-known for their Cava and Sherry. They are two of Spain's famous exports. Spain has over 2.9 million acres of vineyards and has over 600 grape varietals grown. Due to the country's arid climate, they can produce extremely concentrated and refined wines. 

Spain's major regions Ribera del Duero and Rioja are known for their production of Tempranillo in both red and white variations. In the La Mancha and Navarra regions, the country has seen high yields of Garnacha and Monastrell.

A good glass of wine is a drink that everyone loves. If you're looking for the quality and value of wine you're drinking, it's very helpful to know the most popular types of wine that are produced by the top producing countries. The next time you buy wine, check on the labels and you are more likely to find exceptional wines that you'll enjoy.

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