Top 5 Party Essentials Every Host Should Have
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Top 5 Party Essentials Every Host Should Have

Do you love hosting gatherings both big and small? If you answered “YES!” then you will enjoy this entry! Hosting a party takes more than just careful preparation. The perfect host must have all of the essentials that will ensure his or her party runs smoothly. If you want to know the top 5 party essentials every host should have, then keep on reading the blog below.

  1. Classy Beverage Dispenser

A party is simply not a party without free flowing drinks! This classic-looking beverage dispenser is a perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor party. Aside from serving you your favorite drink, this beverage dispenser also serves as an iconic decoration that will truly bring your celebrations to a whole new level.


  1. Platters and Minis

Serve your guests a sumptuous selection of appetizers and main course dishes with these clean and elegant platters from Nora Fleming. If you want to add in an element of “fun” to your spread, then these minis are must-haves – whether you are hosting a baby shower or an elaborate bash, Nora Fleming definitely has a mini for every celebration.


  1. Swarovski Wine Glass Markers

You simply must not forget about your glassware. It is common for guests to flutter from one social circle to another during a party – making it so easy to lose a drink in the process! By attaching these handcrafted Swarovski wine glass markers, you make each glass unique and each guest will know which drink is theirs! Because they have such

  1. Beverage Tub for Easy Access

Make drinks more accessible to guests with this rustic beverage tub! These will make your selection of drinks appear more attractive compared to just lining them up on the counter.


  1. Glittered Votive Candle Holders


Set the mood for your party with these glittered votive candle holders. You can opt to scatter them around the vicinity of keep them all clustered together and use them as a centrepiece. Whichever way you use them, they are sure to get everyone excited!

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