Virtual Drinking Game You can Play with your Friends while in Lockdown
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Virtual Drinking Game
Virtual Drinking Game You can Play
Virtual Drinking Game You can Play with your Friends
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Virtual Drinking Game You can Play with your Friends while in Lockdown

The world is in social distancing mode right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just because we are in-home quarantine, it doesn't mean we can't have fun together with our BFFs. We can still spend some social interaction or virtual time with our BFFs like drinking games!

We can still hang out with our friends – have a couple of drinks, eat some food, talk and laugh together from the comfort of our homes through Face Time, Skype or Zoom. There are hundreds of video games you can play with friends online, but a virtual drinking game is better and fun! Here are a bunch of drinking games you can play online while in self-isolation.

Beer Pong

One of the best ways to beat boredom? Beer Pong over video chat! Get your friends ready with their red plastic cups, ping pong balls and of course beer! Then you're ready to go! Try it! It’ll be fun!

Around the World

All players prepare your drinks (beer or wine). You need one person who has a full deck of cards and a camera aimed at the tabletop. Everyone needs to watch your screens, especially on the dealer. The dealer put 4 cards, face down, and the players predict the cards. If you predict it right, you can give out a drink and if you predict it wrong, you have to drink it! You can check out the rule of the game.

Never Have I Ever

This is not a card game and it has simple rules. One player says something he never has done. And if one player or more have done that thing, he drinks. It's a perfect game with your BFFs over video chat! You can play, talk, drink and laugh all night long.

Drink Every Time

In this game, you can use Netflix Party to watch the same movie online with your friends. You can video chat while watching the movie and play this sneaky game. It has simple rules, you all drink every time you hear a word or see an object you set or choose before you play the movie. For example:  If you hear the word “car” or see cars all the time from the movie, Fast and the Furious, you’ll all be drunk before the movie ends. Isn’t it fun?!

Most Likely To

This is another equipment less drinking game...all you need are your drinks! The rules are simple: By taking turns, each one asks the group who’s the most likely to do something. Whoever is chosen by the majority is the most likely to do that thing takes a shot or a drink.

Dance Party

Try hosting a virtual dance party with your besties. You can make this happen through a video conference. You can invite a group of friends that you used to go out dancing. Create an upbeat playlist that will surely set your mood on! You can make a dance-party decoration for your back draft, prepare some cocktail drinks, and dance like you're in a real dance party.

These brilliantly colored Summer Wine Glass Charms will add a festive touch to your wine glass or beer mug while you play a virtual drinking game with your besties! You can also use these best wine charms during your backyard parties with your family this coming summer while still in quarantine. Use promo code MAY20 to get 20% off your entire order and free domestic shipping too!

Cheer up, peeps! Let's beat the boredom together. We can still hang out with our friends while at home with these fun drinking games you can do with your mates even if we're in quarantine. You can even throw an isolation party over video chat and enjoy dancing and drinking in the comfort of your home.

Keep safe and enjoy!


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