Which Charm to Get Mom for Mother's Day
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Charm to Get Mom for Mother's Day
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Magnetic Wine Glass Charms
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Simply Charmed Magnetic Wine Glass Charms
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Which Charm to Get Mom for Mother's Day

Mothers deserve the best, why not treat or give your amazing mom a creative Mother's Day gift this year that she’ll never forget? A little something to remind her of you every time she pours herself a glass of vino?

Finding a gift for your mom that she'll love is easy peasy these days and it doesn't have to break your bank account. There are several affordable and amazing Mother's Day gifts that moms will love. You could probably give your mom a little card and she’ll love it. Why not treat her a bit with our Magnetic Wine Glass Charms?       

Most moms love to host a simple dinner or wine party and she will love pulling out these trendy charms.

Take a look at Simply Charmed Magnetic Wine Glass Charms suitable for every occasion.

Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Wine Glass Charms

A set of 12 elegant crystal wine charms that include 6 Jeweled Tones crystals and 6 Floral Toned crystals in a beautiful package. These crystal glass markers are perfect for any occasion to identify stemless wine glasses and will surely captivate guests. They can even choose their own charm based on their birthstone, favorite color, and even outfit. Neat, right?

Magnetic Dog Wine Charms

If you have a dog lover mom, sister-in-law, wife, grandma or friend, this is a perfect Mother's Day gift for them. These set of 6 cute pooches include a Bichon, dachshund, poodle, sheepdog, freckle-faced pup and a cuddly mutt that any dog lover could love.

Cat Wine Charms

These 6 cute wine charm kittens would be an amazing gift for a cat lover mother, aunt, grandma, sister, sister-in-law or any cat lover lady. Your mom will surely love to charm her guests with these adorable kittens on their glasses.

Paris Wine Glass Charms

Bonjour! These elegant Paris Wine Glass Charms look fabulous on wine or champagne glasses! These stylish charms are fun gifts for Mother's Day, bridal shower, wine party or girls’ night out.

Girls Night Out Party Magnetic Wine Charms

These girls night out charms set includes 6 trendy high heel wine charms and 6 stylish handbags/purses come in an elegant clear-top gift box. These charms are perfect and fun “all round” gift for Mom.

Introduce mom to these affordable, creative and thoughtful gifts this Mother's Day.


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