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Wine-Ding Down the Summer Season

Wine-Ding Down the Summer Season

The summer season is about to end and some of us will feel a bit "down” too. It feels like the summer sun will be setting earlier and the fun is ending too. Cheer up! The weather will be nice, and the next season will be much fun!  As we slow down as we bid farewell to summer, check out these wines that are fuller-bodied to drink. Not quite winter warmers but perfect to kick off a new season. 

Summer season is almost at its end, but lighter red and slightly fuller-bodied white wines are not over yet. The Fall and winter's wine selection covers a variety of reds, whites, and even pinks.

Rosé Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon/Grenache/Syrah

Rosé: Cabernet Sauvignon/Grenache/Syrah

Rosé the wine for all season, that means it's a must in your fridge all year round. Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Syrah are full-blooded grapes brilliant for your Thanksgiving dishes. 

These full-bloodied fruity wines are bold and bursting with fruit flavors and contain quite high levels of alcohol, but you can’t barely taste it because they’re usually served chilled and not tannic. This makes them ideal for a barbecue, spicy food and even with ripe peaches. 

White Wine: Viognier

White: Viognier

Not all white wines are light and thin and for Chardonnay lovers, try this fuller white wine. This wine is also perfect on your Thanksgiving table

Viognier or pronounced vee-on-yee-ay is a rich and exotic fruity white wine and some quite contain high levels of alcohol. This fuller white wine usually pairs well with spicy and creamy curries, spicy noodles like Pad Thai, chicken salads with peach or mango, rich red shellfish dishes and even chicken and pork dishes with creamy and buttery cheeses.

Red Wine: Pinot Noir

Red: Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is everyone's fall go-to wine. This red wine is lighter and one of the most food-friendly wines.

In food pairing, one of the most versatile red wines is Pinot noir. It could be best paired with meat and fish. Other ingredients that pair well with this wine are duck, mushrooms and salmon or tuna and it depends on how you’ve cooked them as well as the style of Pinot you’re drinking.

Sugar Skulls Wine Glass Charms by Simply Charmed

These fun Sugar Skulls Wine Glass Charms are perfect for Dia de Los Muertos, Halloween, or any Fiesta! Whether you will have wine, cocktails or even drinks for the kids in red solo cups, everyone will have a unique way to identify their drink with these spooky Halloween Wine Charms!

We'll surely miss summer, the fresh summer cocktails, and the fun under the sun. But we are all excited to welcome the new season and the splendor it beholds. Let’s start wine-ding down the summer season. Just relax and enjoy the last days of summer with these amazing wines for you to sip on while watching the sunset and waiting for the next season to unfold. Cheers!

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