Book Club Questions for Free Days With George
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Book Club Questions for Free Days With George

What do you mean there are no questions on line for Free Days With George?

is what raced through my mind as I was frantically getting ready to host 12 women in less than 2 hours, and so far I hadn't prepared my appetizers or even fed the kids.

So I grabbed my copy of this wonderful book which had stolen my heart (who can't resist a story about a dog the size of Texas, saving the human who had saved him?) and said, "Let's do this." A short while later I had a list of questions which I'm happy to share with all of you.

Free Days With George Book Club Discussion Questions

1. In the beginning we are all shocked with Jane's sudden and unexplained exit out of Colin's life. Did Colin just miss the clues that she was unhappy or do you suppose there was something deeper going on?

2. Colin spoke fondly and proudly of his memories of his grandfather and their time at his cottage in Nova Scotia growing up. How do you think his grandfather influenced the person he became?

3. What was your impression of Colin’s therapist?  Do you think he helped Colin? Why or why not?

4. As Colin and George grow to know and understand each other, George's personality begins to shine through. What were some of your favorite George moments from the book?

5. What was it about George that changed Colin?  Would a different dog have had a similar or different impact on him?  Similarly, how did Colin change George?  Would a different owner have had a similar or different impact?

6. Colin's grandfather believed in free days. "A free day is when you spend a whole day doing things you love to do--like building sand castles, flying kites or going swimming. And when you do those things with people you love who love you, you don't grow old that day. It's a free day." Describe what a free day would be for you. Do you think we make enough time for free days?

7. What is your hope for Colin’s future?  What about George?

8. So the book concludes with George returning to the beaches of California and taking another shot at surfing. So do you think Colin ever takes another shot at love? Were you ready for the book to end or did Colin leave you wanting more?

We would love to hear all your comments below! Oh, and check out our Emoji and Dog Magnetic Wine Glass Charms we used that night - everyone loved them and no one lost their glass in the crowd!



Jan 23, 2017

Thank you so much for your questions. I may need them for when I present my choice of books at my book club shortly. I am actually not a dog person & yet loved the book regardless. Really hope Colin did find a new partner, though with such a ‘big’ dog in his life he may not have room for one : )

Aug 26, 2016

I love that you took the time to create your own questions for this book.
This is such a great book, and your questions are spot on. I love it. I’ll be sure to share this with all of my reading loving, and book clubbing friends!!

Aug 25, 2016
softball mom

This was an amazing book! A quick, engrossing read that any dog-lover will relate too. Love having questions readily available, makes hosting a book club so much easier. As do the wine charms. Everyone knows book club and wine go hand in hand! Dog charms are adorable!

Aug 24, 2016
Family with pets

Great questions! Thank you so much for taking the time to post these! I loved this book and have passed it on to several friends in book clubs. I will make sure they have your Qs and super cool wine charms as well!

Aug 24, 2016

Awesome book! George was an awesome “character”

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