Simply Charmed Magnetic Wine Glass Charms

Thank you for visiting Simply Charmed! We are a family owned business in Libertyville, IL. All of our magnetic wine charms are handcrafted locally, allowing us to always deliver great quality and consistency that has been pleasing our customers for over 10 years!

What is a magnetic wine glass charm?

Magnetic wine charms, or wine glass markers, or cocktail identifiers, whatever the name…are a fun new entertaining concept for people that are done with those charms that dangle and clink around the stems of glasses. They are for people that like to provide the WOW factor when entertaining, or for those that seek out fun new gifts for friends or hostesses. They work on stemless wine glasses, and add a touch of elegance.

Although our wine charms appear to stick TO the glass, they are really sticking THROUGH the glass. One rare-earth magnet is adhered to the charm, another resides inside the glass, holding the charm securely in place. They will not come off until you take them off.

Most people use our magnetic wine glass charms up on the rim of the glass where everyone can see them, but if you prefer, and there is some slope to the foot of your glass, then place the charm down on the foot.

So, if you want to dazzle your drink without the clink give these wine magnets a try. They also work well on martini glasses, margarita glasses and pint beer glasses. Enjoy and salute!

Use with care

Because we want all of your experiences with the wine charms to be fun and not harmful, please be advised of a couple of points.

Place the magnetic wine charms on the glass with care, do not let the charms jump together. Remove the magnetic charms before washing the glasses and replace them in their container so they are ready for your next party. If necessary, charms can be rinsed and towel dried before replacing in the package. Some devices, such as pacemakers, watches and computers especially do not like these magnets, so please keep them separated. Also, do not allow children to play with the charms, they are choking hazards like any other small object. As with any strong rare earth magnets, ingestion can lead to internal injuries or serious medical complications. Keep away from children.


We have expanded our lines to include wine stoppers and pourers (actually it's both - a wine stopper AND a pourer - a two in one gadget!), horizontal wine gift bags with our custom designs, and two sets of silicone wine charms for stemmed glasses. We feel this expansion gives our customers more gifts to choose from, and with the high quality wine bags, a wonderful way to present their gifts to their wine loving friends!

As of Fall 2020, we have also added a collection of ceramic jewelry trays. All trays are designed in house and finished with a production partner in Dallas, but the trays still ship from our Illinois location. We think the ring holders will make great gifts as they read like a greeting card but can be used and seen every day. 

New for Spring 2021 - Check our New Arrivals to see dozens of new charm designs!