How Do They Work?

How do the charms stick on the glass?

Technically, they are attaching through the glass with two strong magnets. The wine does not affect the magnets and the magnets do not affect the wine.

Do the magnets fall in the drink?

No, the magnets will not fall off by themselves, they are extremely strong and will not come off until you take them off.

Are these Swarovski crystals?

They are genuine Swarovski Crystal Elements.

How big are the crystals?

They are 6 mm in diameter.

I wanted to give these as a gift, how are the wine markers packaged?

The sets of 6 come in a crystal clear 7” long pillow pack, they are very easy to wrap or to attach to a bottle of wine with a ribbon. The sets of 12 come in clear top jewelry boxes, simply wrap or just add a bow!

Do the magnetic wine charms work on acrylic glasses?

Yes, they work on any kind of glass because they attach through the glass, so they will stick through any glass up to 5 mm in thickness. (i.e. They work on stemless wine glasses, martini glasses, even beer mugs and Solo cups!)

Do the magnets slide around or fall off if the glass is wet?

No, the magnets are very strong, so there is no movement at all.

Will putting on and taking off the magnets scratch the glass?

No, the magnets do not scratch the glassware. We do encourage you to be very careful when applying them to ultra thin glasses, and make sure you grasp each magnet tightly until they meet on the glass.

Can the magnets be left on the glasses and sent through the dishwasher?

Technically, we’ve had customers say they remained on the glasses. However, we don’t recommend it. Your charms will last much longer if they are rinsed with soapy water and towel dried.

Can the magnets be worn as jewelry?

They will attach through skin, but again, we don’t recommend it! Besides, they look so much prettier on your glass than your nose. ☺