How to Choose the Right Wine Pourer/Stopper
bottle pourer
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Choose the Right Wine Pourer
Choose the Right Wine Pourer/Stopper
Choose the Right Wine Stopper
How to Choose the Right Wine Pourer
How to Choose the Right Wine Pourer Stopper
How to Choose the Right Wine Stopper
How Wine Pourer Stopper Works
How Wine Pourer Works
How Wine Stopper Works
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Right Wine Pourer
Right Wine Pourer/Stopper
Right Wine Stopper
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How to Choose the Right Wine Pourer/Stopper

Wine pourers are amazing wine accessories that serve decorative and practical services. These wine bottle pourer and stoppers are replacement corks that can preserve the life of your favorite bottle of wine after you have opened it. You can also use it to pour wine through a small spout to avoid spillage or drips. 

When you’re looking for the right wine pourer, choose the ones that have dual use, as a pourer and stopper. Choose the pourers that are made of silicone or rubbers because they are more durable than the stoppers with cork bottoms.

If you prefer a simple but durable wine accessory that can seal out the air in bottled wine and allows some oxidation at the same time, Simply Charmed silicone wine pourer and stopper is your best choice. This awesome wine accessory is a 2 in 1 wine pourer made of food-grade silicone that meets US FDA as well as Europe LFGB food standards. It is flexible and fits any wine bottle. It serves dual purposes, preserves wine and can be used to pour wine without messy drips or spillage. This wine accessory is perfect for Home bar, wine tasting, wine party, any occasion or a simple get together. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

This amazing wine pourer is a 2 in 1 accessory is a spill-proof seal to keep your wine safely contained in the bottle. It will also keep your wine safe from insects like fruit flies during picnics. It can also become an amazing bottle stopper when you have an unfinished bottle of wine after an enjoyable wine tasting party. You can simply press down the silicone pourer and keep the wine bottle in the fridge. You can even put down the bottle safely on its side due to the drip-proof seal. For outdoor parties like picnics and concerts, it is also a perfect wine accessory to avoid spillage.

How Wine Pourer Stopper Works

Pouring and preserving wine is easier with silicone wine pourer. They are also easy to use. 

  1. Just slide down over the neck of the wine bottle until it is slightly snug. Don't slide it down too far so that you can easily pour the wine down.
  2. Just gently press the pourer down to create a DRIP- PROOF SEAL.
You can now preserve your favorite wine for later pleasure with silicone wine pourer. Simply charmed have everything wine lovers need from magnetic wine charms to wine stoppers perfect for any occasion or as gifts. Rest assured that if you choose our silicone wine pourer and stopper, your wine will be preserved well for your later enjoyment.

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