Tips on Planning the Ultimate Bachelorette Wine Tour
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Tips on Planning the Ultimate Bachelorette Wine Tour

Tips on Planning the Ultimate Bachelorette Wine Tour

(Guest Post from Bad Girl Liz)

There are so many great activities for bachelorette parties, that it is easy to feel overwhelmed by choosing the right ones for your party. However, when your besties are classy girls, a bachelorette party wine tour is the way to go.

Wine tours are excellent daytime activities for your weekend festivities. They make your bestie's last hurrah fun with a touch of sophistication.

 Here are a few Pro Tips:

  1. Choose a color palette or theme so everyone is dressed in alike attire during the wine tour. This will make your pictures of the event stand out.

This super fun daytime activity will be filled with yummy charcuterie boards, delicious wines, and sweeping views of local vineyards. With all these visuals, you will gain amazing Instagrammable photos of your besties that will pop.

  1. Book a large party bus for the bachelorette party wine tour. The girls in your group deserve luxury transportation, so book a large party bus to get there in style. It's the best way to have non-stop fun on the bus, while sipping wine, chatting, laughing, and dancing to your own music while driving out to the wineries. You'll have everything you need for an epic party:
  • a large party bus big enough for everyone to dance
  • an amazing sound system to play your music
  • plenty of coolers full of ice to keep the wines chilled
  • a designated party bus driver so you can drink wine while they do all the driving

  1. Wine tours are always great to start the bachelorette party weekend off. You can go to the wineries to purchase the wines for your party hosted at a vacation rental or hotel. It's so smart! Buy a selection of at least six different wines and pair them with fun appetizers and finger foods to enjoy later.
  1. Buy fun-themed wine charms for the wine glasses. Custom bachelorette wine charms will make your wine glasses super cute and Insta-worthy. When you pair them with the theme of your party, everything will come together. Your crew will stand out from the rest.


Leave the Planning to a Pro


As fun as it sounds, it can be daunting to plan the perfect itinerary for your group activities. When you book a wine tour with a reputable agency you are one step ahead. An experienced party planner is familiar with the top wineries in your area. They can assist you in choosing the best wineries for your group and your weekend plans.


Whether you're having a lavish event or a more intimate gathering, starting off the celebration with a wine tour will surely set the mood for the Ultimate Bachelorette Party weekend.



About the author:

Bad Girl Liz is the founder and the CEO of Bad Girl Productions. She is a UCSD graduate who uses her background in the entertainment industry to deliver the Ultimate Bachelorette Party Experience.

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